Friday Reflections

 1.) Friday Reflections on a Saturday, because why not?!

2.) It IS THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME of the year. Head on here for lots and lots of Christmas cheer.

3.) Bullies mocked his shoes, and then his 12 year-old friend got him a new pair with his own allowance

4.) A 16-year old called 911 during an armed robbery. Her mom answered. 

5.) You have to watch the masterpiece that is Dave Chappelle's November SNL monologue.

6.) Her brother made it in Lagos and taught her lessons about her life in London.

7.) As you celebrate the holiday, here are 95 recipes from around the world. The Nigerian recipe was a little disappointing cos I feel like there are more quintessential Nigerian foods.

8.) The depressing normalization of the "useless husband". I could write a whole book on this. But I just feel so bad for all those women married to adult-babies.

9.) It's always worth noting during the holiday period that this too will pass. So if you're overwhelmed with  despair and sadness, especially as you see everyone else so full of joy and cheer, don't be so discouraged. Know that that gnawing feeling can and will pass. In the end, this is just one day of the year. Don't let the bad eclipse the good. And if you momentarily allow it to, then don't feel like it has to drown you. It gets better, I promise.



  1. Merry Christmas! I'm always eager for interesting reads on Friday reflections