Surviving Traveling, Turbulence, and Bumpy Flights: A Short Story

Now, that's a dramatic title for what is about to be quite the benign, if adorable story. 

I shared it on my personal Instagram and so many people seemed to appreciate it so I thought to bring it to the blog. I know I know. I am archaic like that. Here goes. And this is a real life story by the way. 

This story starts, as most do, with a journey. I was on a work trip and heading back home. At first, my first flight was delayed by two hours, which automatically meant I was going to miss my connecting flight. I have to say, I always have the most dramatic flight experiences. Anyway, the next thing I know my connecting flight was moved to the next day. Believe me when I say, this wasn't the most dramatic aspect of this trip. Here comes that part.

Almost immediately after taking off, we hit some serious turbulence (the kind that causes a chorus of gasps across aisles). The babe beside me freaks out and turns to me for help. Now I have some experience with rough/bumpy flights so I'm like, ok I got this. My sister has also taught me quite a bit about situations like this. So I hold the babe's hand (in retrospect, as someone who really doesn't like touching strangers, this is almost comical). 

I smile (while freaking out internally). Meanwhile, she is in agony. She immediately says, "I have terrible anxiety!" I again remember my sister's tactic for dealing with situations like this. So I say, "anxiety is fine. So many people have it. Tell me, where are you headed? Where do you call home?" 

She rattles off like five different place, and then immediately apologizes for not knowing her hometown. I am like "it's fine! Tell me what you do." She then starts to tell me she is in PA school. Why, yes, I know a thing or two about the medical field. I ask her what her specialty is and she remembers her hometown (from a few questions ago haha) and follows up with her specialty. I explain to her that my sister is in the medical field so we talk about how grueling the field is. We talk about flying and long distance journeys and coping with it all.

Then she says "I don't want to die."

In my mind, I am like, gurl ain't nobody dying here

I try to get us talking again and somewhere along the line, she mentions a husband. I'm like good. Husbands are good. So we talk about her husband, and their marriage, and their life together. When she catches her breath, she remembers to ask me about my life too, and what I do, and where I am headed, and it helps us both tremendously. Basically, we are each other's support.

And eventually we land. And oh God, I'm happy. But also a little proud of myself for looking our for someone else other than myself.

End of story.

What has your experience with flying been like? Any particularly crazy story? Share! Share! Share! Let's commiserate with one another.

As we have established over and over on this blog and everywhere else, this is indeed my favorite time of the year. So I hope you are winding down for the year, letting go of unrealistic goals and just giving yourself grace. Whatever it is, have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I will, for sure, be back here before the year ends in one form or the other.

All my love, 



  1. 😂😂😂 this was funny and cute tbh. I don’t like touching people too (esp their hands) but I can see how you’ll forget in that moment 😂😂
    Happy Holidays 🎉🎉🎉


    1. Hahahah! Thank you for commenting. Happy [belated] Holidays!

  2. I hate flights too. Probably why i haven't travelled much. Changing that this year because this is my Do-It-Afraid year.

    1. YES! Do it afraid! There are so many tricks and tips online to help with flying so I won't bug you with that. But know that it's totally doable!