Friday Reflections

 1.) Happy New Month of February! This is a very Nigerian thing to do/say: "happy new month". But it's also the reminder of the importance of time, and endings, and beginnings. 

2.) Never ever underestimate yourself. I think it's fine for others to underestimate you (I quite like this) but it is important that you have an objective assessment of your abilities: don't give yourself more credit than is due but also don't underestimate yourself.

3.) Barbara Walter's final words on The View. What a Legend. 

4.) Take a tour of Viola Davis's home. I have to say, after reading her book and seeing how she suffered growing up, my heart is so glad to see her live so well. She truly deserves it. 

5.) Eighty-year olds share their biggest mistakes.

6.) Chimamanda Adichie on J.K. Rowling, "Cancel Culture", and Beyonce. 

7.) The depressing normalization of the useless husband. 

8.) "There is no place to go but up" - bell hooks and Maya Angelou in conversation. This was mastery in intellectual dialogue, just amazing. It's worth reading and re-reading. I promise. 

9). Okay, that's it for the day (maybe month?). Have a good weekend!



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