Friday Reflections

 1.) Adam Sandler accepted his award for the Mark Twain prize in comedy and the speech was very humble, grounded, and reflective of everything that contributed to his success.

2.) With another mass shooting this week, a gentle reminder that the thoughts and prayers of political leaders wont do. 

3.) I have been writing this for a while. Since I wrote that, no kidding (NO KIDDING), there have been at least TEN other shooting incidences. In the space of what, three weeks? People are sick. Our political leaders are failing us. 

4.) This woman fantasized about her husband's demise. But read it in its entirety before you judge her. Actually, you have to know her entire story before you can judge her.

5.) What makes life worth living? A Yale professor shares how to find joy.

6.) I recently had to be very very vulnerable. God, it's hard. Anyway I turned to God. And then rewatched Brene Brown's the power of vulnerability.

7.) How does one become a problem? A case of bullying, racism, and harassment in academia. What a mess of an institution.

8.) Michelle Obama on how basic anxiety can be a part of life. 

Have a good weekend! And if you can't, make sure you're not ruining anyone's else's.



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