Friday Reflections

 1.) The Netflix show, "Indian Matchmaking", tells women to compromise, but this woman refused to do that. 

2.) Sorry, but Nigerian parents can be UNHINGED. My God. This man sexted his daughter's boyfriend because he wanted to set a trap and catch her in the act. 

3.) I saw this old article about a Christian gay woman who married a man and how she never really became straight, and maybe that was never God's goal. I don't know whether it's right for me to call her gay since that may not be how she still identifies herself. What stood out in the article and what I think more Christians need to emphasize more is the goodness of God and how more than anything else, we are called to be faithful to God. 

4.) Tom Hanks addressed Harvard graduating class of 2023 on justice, truth, and the American way. It's no wonder he is America's sweetheart. 

5.) A panicking mother elephant showing us again that motherhood is truly special no matter the living thing. 

6.) It is no wonder some actors exit long-running tv shows; who would have known Justin Chambers (Alex Karev in Grey's Anatomy) had this type of range.

7.) This is the reunion all OG Grey's fans have been waiting for. And when I say this was good, believe me! What has always struck me is the fact that Katherine Heigl was just ahead of her time. All the things she was vilified for (advocating for one's self, fighting for the right to thrive in a great environment) are the things that are now in vogue. And she basically lost her career for it. I'm glad to see her renaissance though. They really did her dirty. I can't wait to see her continue to thrive. 

8.) But I noticed she was still a little bit more guarded than Pompeo. That's what the mob mentality or bullies do to you. They chip away so much from you until you are never back to 100 percent. I hope she finds her voice. Pompeo also seemed a little...cold? Off? Oh well.

9.) Oprah and Gayle dish advice on nagging mothers-in-law, the always-late friend, and untrustworthy boyfriend to people traveling this summer.

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