On Serving and Being a Part of Something Bigger

There was a time I was so particular (I don't want to say obsessed) about serving in my community. I truly believe in service. I believe every single person should be a part of something (or some things) bigger than themselves. Normally, this is work. But work sort of feels like work. In any case, I think that being a part of something bigger than you can bring immeasurable purpose. I also think this is a kind of purpose that is good for the soul. The kind that allows you feel like you have a well-rounded life, you know? In any case, I wanted to serve. I also know that if our community is going to progress, then all of us have to be involved. 

We are too uninterested in what's happening in our society, our immediate community. Or we are sometimes interested; it's just we limit that interest to or [rightfully] express outrage related to those interests only on social media. It's not bad by itself. It's just not enough. When you have spread the word, you have to get off your couch and do something—this is the part that not enough people do. We are not talking to our representatives enough (and who can blame us? The logistical nightmare that hinders us from doing this has been deliberately orchestrated). We are not figuring out what the least among us need and how we can provide it for them. We are not voting as much. We are not holding corporations accountable. It's too much work. I should know.

I started this post by recalling the time I was so particular about serving in my community. And yeah, I now have the honor and privilege to do a lot of it. In fact, I feel like I am now being stretched too thin. There are so few of us that the burden can almost feel daunting. I'm not complaining. I just want to provide context that I'm am not married and have no children (though I do have a busy job) and yet, I find it to be a lot of work, being so involved. How much more the single mom who has to juggle so much. Context always matters.

I still believe in service. I still believe in bringing the attitude and humility of service to every single thing you do. It's how you learn. If you are going to serve, you are going to have to be humble. It can't be about you and your ego. Service is about everything else but you. And we need that. Too much nowadays is about ourselves. Our poor mental health. Poor us, victims of another offense. Our pockets. Our beliefs. Our rights. Our privileges. Poor us, another friend has hurt us. Poor us, we've just been dumped again. It's no wonder so many people are suffering. Stop thinking about you. Service helps with that. Service brings purpose. It's graduation season—oh boy!—and everyone and their mama want to find their purpose and calling. I have a long ass post coming up about that. In the meantime, take a deep breath and pause with the fascination about purpose. No one has any one single purpose. Most of it is about bringing glory to God and serving people. So, think, how can I serve? Irrespective of whatever job I have or whatever amount I make, how can I serve in any capacity? Then do it. At work, in Church, in your family, among your friends, in your community. Just do something.

In a recent Instagram post, I talked about the pressure we put on our job to fulfill us; so much that we are consumed with finding work we "love" and when it doesn't satisfy every aspects of our lives, we are incredibly disappointed. I implored people to allow themselves to have hobbies. Not side hustles. Not passive incomes. Just hobbies. Serving outside of work can also fit into this category. 

Just do something. Find joy in living, in serving.

Remember the context I provided earlier? It is because I know that it may truly be impossible to serve at the capacity you desire in this season of your life. That is fine too. You probably don't know it; but you already may already be serving—maybe your kids or your spouse or in your Church. It is all service.




  1. Please how can I serve you? - M.M

  2. So true - the part about not just talking about it. I used to volunteer years back but it’s such a difficult thing now due to some of the things you mentioned. Now, I would love to volunteer on a school board or election committee/processes or something in my county. I just dunno how to go about it. But yes to service, always.

    1. Service ALL the way. And sometimes it's just about keeping our eyes open for when those opportunities come and then taking it!