To My Sister -- Our Wildest Dream

There is a dream. There are even multiple dreams. And then reality comes and blows the dream so out of water, so out of bounds.

It started with a whisper after dinner, once, when she was like 11 (12? 10?)—basically that age when everyone wants to be a doctor. But then hers grew into a dogged but steady pursuit; gently going through every single obstacle. Ha.

I always say there are two kinds of people—those who come out of the womb knowing exactly what they want to do and the rest of us who spend all our lives figuring it out. Even though my sister is the former, it was HARD. Nevertheless, she persisted.

Even when everything was so unknown and uncertain. She persisted. Even when she dared to venture into one of the most competitive specialties. She persisted. Even when a pandemic struck. She persisted. Even when there were monumental decisions to make but she had no one to ask (because first gen woes). She persisted. Even when she was scared. She persisted. Even when her advisor told her to pick another specialty because he “didn’t think she could do Ortho” (because come on, which black girl hasn’t been underestimated?). She maybe cried for a minute but…She persisted. Even when people doubted her, asking with that insecurity people project onto others, “oh wow you sureeeee?”. She persisted. Even when she had to report to the hospital at 3am. She persisted. Even when she encountered literal racists as patients. She persisted.

She persisted because God is in the midst of her and she can NEVER be shaken.

Thirteen interviews (and matching at her top choice on our father’s birthday no less!) later, here we are.

They say we are our ancestors’ wildest dreams. That may be true (listen, none of my grandparents had a secondary school education so we are beyond their wildest imaginations). But even that sometimes feels too far. Ebun, my sister, is OUR wildest dream. Our wildest reality.

Anyway, all of this to say congratulations to my sister. You are phenomenal.


If you're not on my personal Instagram, then there is a lot of context missing. This past week, my sister alongside thousands of others found out, first (on March 11), through the National Resident Matching Program, if they have matched (which basically means if they have been placed into a residency training program located in any of the teaching hospitals across America). That day, we found out my sister matched into an Orthopedic Surgery Residency program--one of the most competitive specialities in medicine. Then a few days later (on March 15), we found out it was at her top choice: YALE. Our joy really knows no bounds. 

As you would expect, I've been making a whole lot of noise (deservedly so) all over Instagram and I even tweeted for the first time in two years just because of this. And people have been so incredibly kind. I know I can be really cynical sometimes but I have to acknowledge this. People have been as happy as though it was their own sister who achieved this. I'm reminded of the verse "rejoice with those who rejoice..." and God knows I've always tried to do just that. So seeing others do just makes my heart glad. And then someone left a sweet comment on a recent post that just also gladdened my heart. So I'm altogether feeling really good about people. And that's saying a lot. Ha. 



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