Why We Must Get Involved in Local Elections

All politics is local. You’ve probably heard that so much that it’s lost its meaning. And in today’s world, with all the insanity that exists within our politics, it almost tempting to think that no longer applies. It’s almost tempting to block it all out. But it’s never been more important to understand how the national frenzies making headlines can have implications for state and local governments. It’s never been more important to hold space for the politics happening around us as much as those making national headlines. How do local policy decisions affect citizens? Although the obsession and overwhelming consumption the soap opera-like nature of our presidential elections obscures and consumes everything else, much of the decisions about our health, schools, neighborhoods are determined by local elections.

Let’s talk about one of those local policy systems and the state-level institution that governs it: the insurance commissioner. As it exists across America, the insurance system is so vexing, with intricacies designed to confuse you. And that’s where insurance commissioners come in: they act as advocates for the consumer (you and me), they regulate the system, and they provide information (aka power) to the consumer. Now, in most states, this role is appointed. But in a few states, it is elected. For my folks in Delaware—and this essay is especially for you—this role is elected.  For this role, you need someone fighting tirelessly for you. You need someone who is not afraid to challenge status quo; someone with the courage to advance and advocate for justice and equity that serve the common good. I’m writing this because I know exactly who this is: Kayode Abegunde. I’ve known Mr. Abegunde for over a decade and I’m proud to talk about his candidacy. So here goes: last year, he launched a campaign for his election to become the Insurance Commissioner for the state of Delaware in 2024. Since then, he’s traveled across the state to convince the voters he is the right choice for this role.

This is not an easy feat. He knows what he’s up against. He is up against an establishment incumbent who has strong ties to the New Castle County police, and who has occupied the position since 2016. But here’s also what you should know about Mr. Abegunde: he is a Nigerian-American who emigrated to the United States decades ago and knows what it means to work hard and diligently and to endure through all circumstance. I recognize that spirit. It is that indomitable spirit within us Nigerians to see a problem and fix it; that spirit that charges us to be excellent; the spirit that propels us to the top not because of but despite the hurdles set before us. Mr. Abegunde will bring that spirit to the Insurance Commissioner position. He will listen, advocate, and fight for all. And we need this. After all, the Delaware NAACP once called on the incumbent to resign citing allegations of impropriety  and discrimination. This is alongside reports of voters dissatisfaction with him.

This is why you need someone loyal. And who else can tell you about a person’s character and about a person’s loyalty like those who know that them up close. I can tell you Mr. Abegunde is loyal. I can tell you he is passionate. I can also tell you he listens. I can tell you he is a man of integrity and a man of his word. So, if he says he plans to build a diverse coalition and bring people together cross-culturally. That’s exactly what he would do. If he promises—as he has—to work with legislators on bills that will regulate the insurance market, he would do that. If he promises—as again he has—to work with insurance companies to enhance transparency and fairness in the assessment of premium for customers and to leverage markets to reduce costs and ensure reliable insurance coverage at a reasonable rate for all Delawarean, then he would do just that. 

As part of his campaign, he has declared a mandate to change the face of insurance operations in the state and especially has a goal to advocate for Delawareans and reduce insurance premiums. He comes to this fully prepared. He is brilliant, experienced, dedicated, and unbelievably courageous. Four years ago, he ran as an underdog against the incumbent in the Democratic primaries, and although he lost, he never stopped fighting and advocating for the people in whatever capacity he could. A servant-leader in his community, this role would provide greater opportunity to serve. So, I implore you to get involved in voting at your local elections and paying close attention to who we put at the helm of affairs. And if you live in Delaware, I implore you to vote Kayode Abegunde for the 2024 Delaware State Insurance Commissioner this September. 


  1. My comment is on IG but just wanna say more - Naija no dey carry last 😂😂. But on a more serious note, we definitely need more people involved in politics and I’ve told myself this numerous times but when I also think about the cons to everything and how politics is on both sides, it gets really tiring and annoying and hard to do. Sigh

    1. Ohh I was going to ask if he won?