Friday Reflections

 1.) Does Shonda Rhimes know the lines to her most famous TV shows and movies.

2.) Mariska Hargitay on being TV's ICON and helping survivors of sexual violence.

3.) How this couple is managing the wife's HIV diagnosis. Medical Science is pretty amazing. The advancements in medical science are taken for granted because to think just mere decades ago HIV was a death sentence and now it can basically be cured (because it can be undetectable) is actually miraculous to me. Thank God for the gift of science.

4.) Her fiance died on her wedding day, then came the twist she never saw coming. The babe in this story needs Jesus because the amount of calamity. Wow. God help her get through this horrible, HORRIBLE situation

5.) The best commencement speech I've seen this year: funny, poignant, and just brilliant. 

6.) I read this interview of Jim Clyburn (the man who saved Biden's 2020 election). And there was just something so authentic about it. A kind of authenticity and DGAF attitude you probably can only get from an older Black person. 

7.) How to find happiness: worry, angst, and stuff. 

8.) Follow me on Instagram! I talk some stuff there too. Sometimes, it's just easier to pop off on there. But over there we discussed the shenanigans with the Church these past couple of days. While those morons are opposing IVF, their colleagues are out there molesting little girls. 

9.) Have a happy weekend ahead. It's EXTREMELY hot nowadays so stay hydrated and mind your business except where you sense injustice then time to NOT mind your business and speak out.