New Beginnings...

For a very long time in my life, I've struggled with many things, with many thoughts, one of which is if I know how to be a writer or if I can learn how to be one. I am at an interesting stage of my life, maybe interesting isn't the word, but I'm at a particular stage in life. I'm still kind of new to real adulthood; the type of adulthood that comprises of age, decisions, future plans and many of those types of things. So, I'm trying out new things. I'm learning to be quite spontaneous and I'm learning to embrace life with its many forms. One of those new things is Blogging. It's something I've considered and shoved aside several times, I've given myself different silly excuses to not blog; "Too many people own blogs", "I don't have the time for it", "I'm not even sure sure I'm interested". Frankly, I still agree with those things, but I also agree with the reality of wanting a space of mine, somewhere to express myself freely and somewhere to just write. Really, just write.

To make it very easy for me, this will be a platform for ME. Yes, I'm selfish like that. I don't want to bother my pretty head (I'm also narcissist like that :D) about impressing anybody with what I write here. It'll be for me and whoever wants to. You can bet my Daddy will always come here!ha-ha. He's my number one fan. I will just write here however I feel like. As to what direction this blog will take, I don't know yet. I really don't want to know. I take pride in that, I know a little bit of everything. It will probably be a little bit of everything. I'm a lot of things in one. Different parts of me make the whole of me and it will be the same for this blog. I just know that whenever I come to this blog, I want to leave feeling better. That's the dream.

Here's to taking bold steps...Here's to conquering fear...Here's to new beginnings!

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