So, I was on my own today. Well, technically I wasn't on my own. I had 30 minutes to spare and my phone's battery was dead and I didn't have a book (I have not read any book since I read Ted Dekker's nonsense) so I resorted to taking a stroll and also decided to people-watch. I love people-watching, very amazing things you discover from people-watching. Anyway, I digress.  I was taking my blissful and peaceful stroll, thinking about my blessed life and envisaging my even better future when I noticed a tiny kiosk right in the middle of the mall. Since, I was window shopping I decided to check out this kiosk that sold colorful phone accessories. While I was surfing, one of the guys approached me and tried to advertise his stuff. I wasn't going to buy so I told him point blank to not stress himself. Anyway, we got talking,  myself and the two guys; we were talking about phones and gadgets and things like that. When all of a sudden the conversation drifted to one of them asking where I am originally from.

Before I continue with what happened today, let me say something. The driver of one of the buses I sometimes take, usually tells me about how his barber is Nigerian and how Nigerians are great people. In fact, I often get irritated when each time he sees me, he starts to 'lament' about how we Nigerians are very wonderful people. I smile and thank him for his kind words.

So, when the young man from today asked where I was from, I put up my award winning, million dollars smile and proudly said;

"I'm from Nigeria."

I was expecting to hear some more accolades and encomiums but our luck had worn out this time around. I was not surprised, I just wasn't expecting it.

"WHAT?!" He screamed.

"You fucking Nigerians, ohhhhhh  you fucking fucking Nigerians."

What Kids Think About Marriage...

"When two people come together before God"

"When two people fall in love with each other, a female and a male..."

"To be together forever." (I think that even a toddler has a better understanding than the adults.)

"When a female and a male get together in the presence of God."

What is Love?

"Love is my Mummy and my Daddy."

"Love is when you love your nana."

"When two people like each other and do good things for each other and they help each other out." (No, seriously, has this young man not said it all?) 

"What Mum and Dad do, that's love."

"I love my Mum."

"Love is when you love your grandpa."

Are you going to get married?

"When I grow up...yes" (Keyword: GROW-UP. These kids are smart!)



"uhhh...I'm not thinking of about that right now." (This one sounds like me. lol.)

"I guess...yes."

"I'm only 10, like I said I'm only thinking about my life..." (Same as the guy above, still sounding just like me. lmao.) 

The above sentences in italics were the replies of children to the questions. The oldest must have been around 10 or 11. The words in brackets are my thoughts.


Butterflies or True Friendship?

So, I saw a post on one of my very favorite blogs, You see, in this world that we are in, as young people there are so many 'not normal' things that have been normalized. Especially when it comes to love, dating, relationships, sex and marriage, AH we have been made to believe all sorts. It is why Twitter kind of annoys me these days; people spew utter nonsense with confidence and lead other people astray. Anyway, so blogs like inthemidstofher are there to remind you that no matter how insane the world is, some people albeit few are getting it right. There are many awesome posts that will inspire a young unmarried lady/girl/woman (whatever) in the blog. I like to call myself girl though for some reasons even I don't know.
This particular post that caught my fancy is like a chat segment that she did. I will just put the link below instead of rambling. I'm happy somebody else shares that school of thought though. I mean why do we all think/assume love must be a magical feeling with sparkles here and there. Sometimes, love is really just great friendship. I prefer the latter though. What am I doing with sparks and magic when I can have true and everlasting friendship? To each his own.

That is the link to the great post. Be sure to check it out, you will be happy you did. :D


Songs Of Sorrow. By Kofi Awoonor.

May the souls of Kofi Awoonor and the other 71 victims of the Westgate Shopping mall attack rest in perfect peace and may God give their families the fortitude to bear  these losses, which I know are irreplaceable. Everybody is at their tiny corners of the world and even though we empathize, condemn the evil doers, and in rare cases pray for the victims, we will never know what it feels like to be blown into billion pieces by a bomb or held hostage with guns to our heads. God forbid we ever do. Will terrorism ever stop or is it a menace that has come to stay? There is this joke about if you are asked to choose between Bill Gate's wealth and world peace, what would be the color of your Bentley? I am not even trying to sound modest here or good, but if this world peace means no random bomb attacks or no malicious and inhumane killings; if this world peace means children don't become orphans or people don't become childless all of a sudden; if this world peace means no more senseless wars; if this world peace means no more tyrants and dictators; if this world peace means no cancer or any life threatening diseases, Bill Gate's money can rot in hell, I will CHOOSE WORLD PEACE. I absolutely mean that, quote me anywhere. I hope I am not alone. To celebrate and honor a prolific poet, I had to go dig up his most popular (This is his most popular that I know) poem and put it up. It reminds me so much of secondary school/high school and how Literature was my best subject, it was where I was most comfortable; where I got did well without even making any effort :)))                                                                                                                                                                                              

Songs Of Sorrow. Kofi Awoonor                
Dzogbese Lisa has treated me thus

It has led me among the sharps of the forest

Returning is not possible

And going forward is a great difficulty

The affairs of this world are like the chameleon faeces

Into which I have stepped

When I clean it cannot go.

I am on the world's extreme corner,

I am not sitting in the row with the eminent

But those who are lucky

Sit in the middle and forget

I am on the world's extreme corner

I can only go beyond and forget.

My people, I have been somewhere

If I turn here, the rain beats me

If I turn there the sun burns me

The firewood of this world

Is for only those who can take heart

That is why not all can gather it.

The world is not good for anybody

But you are so happy with your fate;

Alas! the travelers are back

All covered with debt.

Something has happened to me

The things so great that I cannot weep;

I have no sons to fire the gun when I die

And no daughter to wail when I close my mouth

I have wandered on the wilderness

The great wilderness men call life

The rain has beaten me,

And the sharp stumps cut as keen as knives

I shall go beyond and rest.

I have no kin and no brother,

Death has made war upon our house;

And Kpeti's great household is no more,

Only the broken fence stands;

And those who dared not look in his face

Have come out as men.

How well their pride is with them.

Let those gone before take note

They have treated their offspring badly.

What is the wailing for?

Somebody is dead. Agosu himself

Alas! a snake has bitten me

My right arm is broken,

And the tree on which I lean is fallen.

Agosi if you go tell them,

Tell Nyidevu, Kpeti, and Kove

That they have done us evil;

Tell them their house is falling

And the trees in the fence

Have been eaten by termites;

That the martels curse them.

Ask them why they idle there

While we suffer, and eat sand.

And the crow and the vulture

Hover always above our broken fences

And strangers walk over our portion.