On True Activists and False Ones.

My thoughts exactly. Those were my words when I read the article on THIS LINK posted by Ynaija on Twitter. I initially wanted to copy and then paste here the entire article but I realized how long it was and changed my mind. First of all, I should say that this is quite a sensitive topic to talk about and considering how volatile Nigeria is now, one should tread very carefully. Else, people start to condemn you for enlightening them. You that you are talking, what attempts have you made? Or At least they are sha doing something, you, what have you done? Tunde Leye started that article by naming very popular and foremost activists. He went further by describing those people's means of livelihood. Personally, I didn't agree with the list as I didn't think about one or two of those people were actually activists. That's not why we are here today. Lol. So, what am I saying? Social media has been both a blessing and a curse. If used properly, it should be more of a blessing and less of a curse. It has empowered people and  has therefore become a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of many people who ordinarily, would not have such power. Picture this, isn't it easy to sit behind your computer or perhaps move around with your mobile phone from anywhere in the world, and start a mini crusade on Twitter? All it takes is one hashtag.
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Activism itself—true activism—is not a bad thing. It is in fact a very admirable act and even more, a selfless one. Also, the problem is not that we can't or shouldn't use the power of social media to our advantage, the problem is that people go into battles without even understanding the war in the first place. I am all about the positivity of the internet. But when people come on social media to rain fire and brimstone with their words, condemn every single person and then when we aren't looking, these  people work with the same administration they have spent their entire lives condemning. When people use activism for selfish reasons; when they get popular by being unnecessarily controversial just so they can turn around and make as much money as possible from the new found fame. That is what is baffling. NO, I am not saying accepting public service positions or working with politicians is wrong. But when you start doing the very things you condemned or worse, when you begin working with 'them' and then turn a blind eye to the same things you condemned, something is wrong. It seems to me like the only reason some 'activists' are incorruptible now is because the opportunity to 'chop and clean mouth'  has not presented itself.
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Nigeria is too sick now for this kind of problem. On top of all our problems, fake activists? No way! When I hear certain things some so-called activists get themselves into, I cringe. For goodness sake, a true warrior is one who knows when to fight and when to retreat. Do not get me wrong, there are true activists fighting for many and different causes, bless them. One of whom is Yadoma Bukar Mandara, the youngest delegate at the National Conference who is currently doing an excellent job. She blogs HERE where she documents and shares her experience at the National Conference and in fact tells us how she spends every penny of the HUGE allowances given to them. People like her remind me and give me hope for my country. It is not a lost cause. Alas, there are also those parading themselves as activists when all they really are, are hungry attention seekers. To be honest, I'm sick of some of the things going on now and God knows I want a change. I'm also tired of noise, I want some action. It is not rocket science. So yes, all hands must be on deck. In any way that we can, let's do something. We can start from removing the chaff from the wheat. Tunde Leye, in that article gave clear and concise ways of detecting the fakes.

If someone is going to fight for a cause, they would at least know and understand that cause. Don't let anyone take advantage of you for their own selfish reasons. There is already enough corruption at the top. We need to not let it spread even more.




  1. Posts like yours and the one that you pointed us to on Ynaija should get us thinking, talking, debating, and taking action. I like to think that if we don't stand for something, we will fall for anything. Anyone of us can be an agent of change at any level at any time. We can begin to form convictions about what kind of agent we'll be before it's our turn.

  2. I agree with you; and that is a major problem in Nigeria. Even though, we make a lot of noise and list all of our problems, the fact is we don't really stand for a particular thing. Hence, we fall for just about anything. And, it seems to me like we haven't yet realized the power each of us has to evoke change even in it's smallest form. Food for thought. Let's spread the word. One word at a time. Thank you Livelytwist, for stopping by. :-)