Friday Reflections

1.) I should have been  science-oriented or a science student. In my next life, I better be one.

2.) Dr. Ben Carson. Why?

3.) You know, the way black folks are killing other black folks makes me wonder if even we ourselves believe that our lives matter.

4.) In the President's backyard, you can literally get a bullet in your skull just by walking around or sitting in front of your apartment, or getting off a cab. I read about shootings and murder in D.C, and I was shocked.

5.) The darkest hour is just before the dawn.

6.) Even if you've been doing something for donkey years, when you're about to be done, it starts to seem insurmountable.

7.) How do you tackle envy?

8.) I sense a social media hiatus in my not so distant future.

9.) I am thankful for healing.

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