Friday Reflections

1.) "What is more hormonal than a man who can't keep it in his damn pants?" Mellie said of her cheating husband on Scandal.

2.) I'm so proud of all the great Nigerian shows out there now. Original and fresh content.

3.) Olivia Pope is giving up everything she has worked for all her life for a married man. Sometimes I don't understand Shonda Rhimes's brand of feminism.

4.) The other time Bailey deliberately offered Grey a terrible salary (MUCH lower than that of her male counterparts) offer under the guise of "I expected her to speak up" and later said, "This is what feminism looks like."

5.) There are some guys that think they can live life as recklessly as possible as long as they have a "praying wife." Okay boo.

6.) I don't understand how everyone is so mesmerized by this Adele's new song. Her voice is powerful but the song is certainly not a breathtaking, soul-wrenching fad it has been made out to be.

7.) "None of us is making it out of here alive."

8.)  Days go by so ridiculously fast these day.

9.) A random anonymous coward insulted a Naija "celeb because of his thick igbo accent.

10.) How are people so confused? First, you insult the ones with British/American accent, and then you insult the one with the indigenous accent. Check yo self hunnay.

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