Book Of The Month: Why Not Me?

Hayyyy the book of this month is a hearty, extremely fun, and brilliant read. In that light, I will try to make this short, sweet, and simple, along with the lines of the book. Before this book, I did not know that much about Mindy Kaling. After reading this book, she feels like a friend in my head! Haha.

"If my childhood, teens, and twenties were about wanting people to like me, now I want people to know me. So, this is a start."  Mindy Kaling

Ayesha Curry Vs. Stephen Smith: A Case Of Male Privilege

I wanted to be very Zen with  my post today and talk about gratitude. But you see, when I see male privilege, I love to check it there and then.

Now excuse me if my details are spotty, I don't do sports. Pun not intended. But come with me; let me show you male privilege. Steph Curry is a famous NBA player and a two-time consecutive MVP. A quick Google search will tell you all you need to know about him. You'll see his life is what you would call #GOALS. Also, the guy has the most adorable family, built on what looks like a firm foundation in Christ.  At his games and at award ceremonies honoring him, it is not unusual to see his family cheering for him. He was raised a Christian, and is famous for his Philippians 4:13 mantra. To him, it is more than just being a superstar; it’s about using your platform to tell people about God. He’s peaceful, good-looking, hardworking, and talented. On top of all this, he has an equally (perhaps, slightly more) beautiful wife. The wife, Ayesha Curry.

The Myth Of A Dream Job

"I feel sorry for those doing 9-5, slaving away at someone else's company. It's like a waste of your life."

"How do 9-5 people do it? I can never only get an income 12 times a year."

We have all either seen those exact statements or variations of it at one point or another. It is the gospel now: either you are an entrepreneur (i.e. following your passion/having the dream job) or you are nothing.

I don't have dream job; not right now. I don't think I have a "passion".  Maybe that's okay.  Maybe I shouldn't have this idea that there is a perfect job somewhere waiting for me. Maybe it's silly to think that if I don't have an exotic job, I am not living my dream. Maybe I'm right to think that people who say trite things like "follow your passion" are out of their minds.

Beyonce's Lemonade

Man, keeping up with a consistent blogging schedule is hard. But a goal is a goal. So let's go.

Beyonce's visual album, Lemonade, was released a lifetime ago—about two months ago.