Friday Reflections

1.) Look, I'll be the first to admit  that I really slacked on posting reflections at the end of each week last year. I am back and better. Haha

2.) Like I said yesterday, it's the end of an era...

3.) I spent most of my day working. I did not see the point to bemoaning on social media about what I can not change. America has spoken.

4.) And while we must never remain quiet in the face of injustice, we should and must in the words of POTUS44 (deep sigh), pick ourselves up and get to work; fighting for the values we believe in.

5.) It was like the apocalypse yesterday.

6.) Speaking of work, where are you on achieving everything you set out to do this year?

7.) Remember, it's the little things that build up to the big, monumental things. So start putting in the work right now. I promise you a little work here and there every single thing will definitely amount to something by the end of the year.

8.) Criminal Minds is the creepiest show ever. There are sick people in this world. You can't begin to even imagine.

9.) With God, all things are possible.



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