Friday Reflections

1.) I'm officially tired of apologizing. It's not that there is nothing to post; it's the lethargy and lack of willingness to do anything that isn't absolutely important. So, accept my apology, again.

2.) I think I'm back.

3.) Self-control is bae.

4.) I read this brutally honest, yet exhilarating piece on Eureka Naija. And the feels.

5.) That paragraph on work:
"...It’s passive-aggressiveness, it’s conflict, it’s competition, it’s conflicting feedback. It’s a workload that overwhelms you with its mind-numbingness. It’s struggling to find your passion in all of it, in fighting to remember the graduate trainee you were with your naiveté, and your confidence, and your unshakeable optimism."

Lord have mercy; it could have been me who wrote these exact words and it would have been right.

6.) If there was one thing no one told me about adulthood; it's the constant self-doubt even when you know what you are doing. Christ.

7.) Ok a second thing (no one prepared me for) is having to repress emotions; more on this later.

8.) Can I also just say that post is the ultimate birth control lol. I usually joke that I'm way too selfish to get married now. Seriously, I can't imagine having to take care of a little human now. No. Just no.

9.) This has sparked so much discussion on the web about mental health and wellness. It was devastating to read someone's suicide note online, to be honest. Especially from someone so seemingly...okay.

10.) My tolerance for BS is at an all time low. Please watch out. Thanks.

11.) Forgiveness. More, much more on this later.

I really hope to be back on Sunday. Have a blessed weekend.



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