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The low bun life

I took an unexpected break in transmission. I'm on the one hand disappointed for not going through with schedule. On the other hand, I'm proud of realizing I just could not do everything and being okay with that. I took a vacation some weeks ago with my sister yayyy (I have tons of pictures to share, but laziness and life are happening). Anyway so I got back and then fell ill, so everything was/is a blur. I'm slowly recovering and incredibly thankful for good health.

Last night I saw a tweet that took me back to last week.

I saw firsthand how stress can translate into physical illness. So much was happening with my work and I was incredibly stressed and pressured and next thing I knew,  it evolved into something physical. I think we young people are especially notorious for being  perfectionists and possessing a knack for the hustle. So much that we rarely take a step back to sort out priorities, and to take care of ourselves first. Even though I already told myself that my wellness would always come first, I still sometimes find myself going without food or sleep just to meet another deadline. And the worst of all aka the bane of my existence: worry! Am I doing enough? Am I working hard enough? So what happens in 5 years time? Jeez I gotta work harder etc. No.

Seriously if you die from stress or anxiety or depression, whatever it is would continue. Life would move on swiftly. No time. So millennials (and pretty much everyone) how can you look out for yourself?

Pray and/or meditate. I know I know: not everyone is religious bla bla. But it will be hard to find someone who copes successfully in this world without being in tune with their minds/without praying to something or someone. I personally pray to God almighty and study the Bible, which is filled with the most reassuring and comforting words. Honestly, it's hard to still remain worried when you remember you serve a God that thinks you are worth dying for. But that's just me. Do you.

Prioritize and plan. Everyday I hear people talk about taking on THE most. They just do every single thing without sometimes stopping to ask what purpose does this serve? How does this fit into my long term goals? Just to look busy or be taken seriously, young people would often do the most ridiculous stuff. It's impossible to do it all. If one thing is doing well, you are probably dropping the ball on another. It's just life. So plan, manage your time wisely; remembering to leave out some time for recreation or... for nothing. I sometimes need time to just...stare. And think about nothing.

Eat well. Perhaps millennials already know this. I mean we tend to go overboard anyway, but there is a new consciousness with what we eat that is really great. Hey, just do what you can: carbohydrates, protein, vegetables. Less alcohol, cigarettes, and junk food. More of actual food. Eat well. Think of your body, like I often think of mine: the temple of God. In that vein, cherish it and care for it. Inside and outside; a la moisturize honey! Your body is not a thrash can. Not everything is meant for consumption.

Exercise. I feel like many people do this anyway. But try to be less sedentary. My Fitbit inspires me to move more; almost an obsession. I check to see how much steps I have taken. And everyday I meet the 10k requirement, I have a little dance party. Haha but yeah, walk more. Move more.

Yup that's it.

Take care of you, you are worth it.



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