The Road Trip in the Vacation

Warning: Picturessssss

I'm back as promised *does backflip*

I'm ashamed to say this vacation was a full MONTH ago, no kidding. The thing is I knew there were so many pictures that I wouldn't know where to begin. Anyway, in the usual "summering" fashion, my sister and I traveled again this year, but this time a little earlier in the year (another trip later this year perhaps??) and a little different as well.  Anyway, so we took a road trip to the South woooooooooo! Specifically Atlanta, but we stopped by at other places too (Virginia; the Carolinas (North and South); Athens etc). It was LONG, but it really was fun. We had a good time; although, I wasn't free from work and had to stay up all night catching up on work, I still had a good time. We did different things within two days, and I'll try to write a little bit of some of the experience beneath the pictures. But most of them speak for themselves anyway. In sum, we visited the Center for Civil and Human Rights (my fave!); world of coca-cola (the BEST part of the trip, it needs a post on its own); CNN headquarters; Georgia Aquarium (which was really wack, at least compared to the one in Toronto); Skyview (Boy, was I scared?!); Fernbank Museum of Natural History; and...I feel like I'm forgetting something. Anyway enjoy!

Baker Street! (Sherlock anyone?)

In our fabulous hotel room

I'm almost invisible here lol; since I blend seamlessly with the wall art

cool, huh?

I didn't get as much picture at the Center; it's usually one or the other: soak it in or remember to take pictures. 

OMG; we were about to have a great time at a 4D viewing in the world of coca cola and we didn't even know. Seriously, I will write another post on that experience.

Haha; we had our brother on Skype. Yes corny much. Sue us

Atlanta has a very beautiful skyline

Lol, we were up in the sky and going upside down. So yes I was scared. I don't do stuff like this at all.  My sister is way too adventurous for me. However, it wasn't until we got there that I realized just how crazy it was. But it wasn't so bad after all.

Hashtag dead.

Still Skyping with my brother 

..and Again

Number 1 in the U.S? Indeed. 

I don't even...what the hell was this?

Take two

In the dead of the night...*insert crickets*

This place brought lots of history to life and it was real great...I recorded some videos and don't know what to do with them. But I just was too busy with all the history to take pictures. 

The first black girl to go to an all white school...just barely 60 years ago. Her courage was formidable. 

Snapchat filter chronicles. No I still don't have snapchat. No I'm probably never getting. I have Instagram though :-D 

 How does this fit here? You ask. I took it in our hotel room, and briefly considered ditching weaves and wigs forever, for scarves. I changed my mind. Cool picture though.


Okay, so blogger be tripping, and I can't really label every picture. I hope that from the description in the first paragraph of places we visited, you are able to place the pictures in context. I was right to be scared of uploading these pictures; they were a LOT. Thanks to my sister for taking most of them. The way my iPhone is set up, there is barely space for anything. Traveling isn't very enjoyable for me, but I love making memories especially with loved ones. So for that, I'm incredibly happy we did this! More so with my partner in jollification. This was long haha. But hey, you stuck through. Thanks for that!

Have a great week ahead. 



P.S: Only people who watch the show "Bones" would understand my bad attempt at mimicking their style of episode titles lol. 

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