Friday Reflections

1.) The seduction of pessimism

2.) Oh gosh, I'm watching Confirmation and GOODNESS, I'm infuriated at the injustice Anita Hill went through. Not one Democrat stood up for her while her character was  being assassinated. Eventually Edward Kennedy said something, but only after she had been thoroughly humiliated.

3.) I'm now the person who does yoga when she has a headache instead of taking a painkiller. LOL

4.) Some kids just never stood a chance because of the misfortune of being born by certain parents.

5.) If our lives came with soundtracks, mine would be Morgan Harper Nichols' Storyteller.

6.) This poignant speech by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts at his son's ninth grade graduation.

7.) Ninth-grade graduation is a thing?

8.) Politicians across the world (YES, even developed countries) spend more time politicking than actually governing. I can't explain how much that irritates me.

9.) How to stop being a doormat.

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