Friday Reflections

 1.) Y'all it is STILL May. Next week will STILL be May. 

2.) Some fantastic career and financial advice from Barbara Corcoran.

3.) An important video on voting by Contrapoints. yes its old, but it will always be relevant.

4.) President Obama gives us life advice.

5.) These kindergartners asked so much questions that the kidnapper/hijacker who hijacked their bus eventually got frustrated and let them go.

6.) Watch John Oliver talk to white people about black hair and the politics and complexities of it.

7.) Wendy is a legend, a consummate professional, and all round superstar who absolutely deserves her flowers. She is GOOD at what she does and I do think she was made for this. I'm happy to see how much she has been thriving since dropping that 250-pound (or thereabout) dead weight she once called her husband. 


  1. Wendy Williams leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. I agree she is good at what she does but what she does comes with nasty and I have never been able to reconcile that.

    1. haha I'm not really surprised. A lot of people feel that way. She really is an acquired taste and every now and then, I still cringe or wince a little when she says some things. Other than that, I just find her funny.