Friday Reflections

1.) Her science is the world's. It's no secret that I love, LOVE Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett. 

2.)"...We are all attempting to give away a fortune that was enabled by systems in need of change."

"...gathering more and more is not the way"

Oh my God. You guys, this woman is AMAZING. 

3.)I truly truly believe that [needlessly] amassing more and more wealth  is not God's purpose for our lives. I'm so glad a billionaire agrees.  

4.) Airbnb is spending millions of dollars to make nightmares go away.

5.) "It is Obscene: a true reflection in three parts"

The Chimamanda Essay that set the world (or at least, the social media world?) on fire. 

6.) This Harvard-bound high school student asks her high school to give her $40,000 award to a community college student. 

I really want to be like her when I grow up: so unbelievably generous and content!

It’s amazing that even a teenager has learnt what the adults haven't: true contentment and that yes, there’s such a thing as too much money. Gen Z will change this world.

7.) Someone expressed (tweeted) an emotion I had been trying to define for a while: "There's a kind of grief when someone you really admire just... does not like you, does not want to help you. I talked about this with one of my own mentors back in grad school, the pain of 'Why not me?' when you see that person being generous to others." 

Someone else responded with: "I feel this really strongly. When you know someone is capable of lots of kindness and generosity but they choose not to give it to you, it really hurts."

8.) Y'ALL. It felt good to see that written in words, and to see that I am not alone.

9.) The immense grief I have dealt with cos someone whose work I deeply revere(d) just did not like me nor did they want to work with me has been palpable. I *still* confront those feelings from time to time.

10.) It’s even more horrible when they so enthusiastically work with someone else. It turns out rejection, in any form, is awful lmao.

11.) Get this: the Nigerian government that has failed to tackled kidnapping, terrorism, armed robbery, and even the most basic ish like essential goods and services for citizens has the NERVE to ban Twitter cos the president was in a mood?

12.) It is OBSCENE that just because of a bruised ego, the president of Nigeria chose to attack democracy and  silence the entire country... because he was are angry????

13.) I can't even. 

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