Friday Reflections

 1.) After randomly chatting in their workplace bathroom, two women found out they were a match for each other's husbands who needed a kidney. 

2.) If women ran this world, it would be so much better. Alliances would be formed over a shared love of shoes, and the sky, or red lipstick, or pockets. ANYTHING. 

3.) It's funny that just a few weeks ago I was praising Wendy as a consummate professional. If I didn't know better, I would say she saw it and let it get to her head, and then she went downhill almost immediately.  I don't know what happened but with her recent performances, I have not seen anyone more unprepared, rude (to their coworkers), and just altogether disheveled at their work. I am hoping and praying (desperately) that she is not back on drugs. 

4.) Retinol and Retirement: two things you can never start too early 

5.) Inside William Barr's breakup with Trump. 

6.) So many people are trying to rewrite history like it was not before our very eyes they were conniving with the most fascist administration this country had seen in  a while. We must never let it happen. 

7.) There is so much about "cancel culture" out there. I, for one, think most of it is garbage. Is there really such a thing as cancel culture if almost everyone that has been purportedly "cancelled" is still out there earning big bucks. That said, we do need a conversation about the extreme lack of nuance, and tyranny of ideology overpowering the American Left.  Newsflash: everyone is not going to think like you and you're going to have to deal. 

8.) I, for one, am sick and tired of the performative and public performance (yes one and the same but repeated for emphasis) of ideals and identity. 

9.) Like Chimamanda Adichie said, "too many people are choking in sanctimony and lacking in compassion". To me, a true progressive ideal must lean on compassion, and kindness, and yes, inclusivity. 

10.) "I’m old enough to know there’s a difference between denouncing bigotry and demanding everyone march in lockstep with you. If you’re more interested in performing your own purity than understanding people’s plurality, you’re not looking at progress, you’re looking into a mirror." - Hadley Freeman

11.) If more than three entries in one Friday Reflections post are pointing towards the same thing, that's my cue that I have to write about that stuff. But, I'm lazy. Meh.

12.) The reason there have been no books of the month is that I haven't read anything interesting. It's not that I'm not reading. It's that I just have been so unlucky these past two months or so with the books I am reading. Wow. So dead. I'm about to start a new book and honestly, I think it will be better. *fingers crossed* 

I won't say the title so I don't jinx it. I gotta tell you, the only thing all them wack books have in common is that I announced on IG that I was about to start reading them. So go figure.

13.) Now that Instagram has basically confessed to wanting to become a video platform and denounced the very purpose that brought us here—photos—where do we go from here? Because you know I'm not into reels and stuff like the cool kids. 

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