Data As a Weapon: How Algorithms and Data Destroy Lives

Data is interesting because it can provide answers, it can clear the path to the future, and it can resolve the past. But it can also be dangerous, and terrifyingly so. It can be wielded for evil, can be used to perpetuate injustice, and it can be used to further confuse people. I should know, I spent more than half a decade in grad school trying to use data to prove complex theories. More people are sounding the alarm, but I don’t think people are listening enough. It’s why years ago when I came across this book by a mathematician, Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy, I was intrigued. It was also the reminder I needed to talk about it on the blog. Yes, people, sometimes blog posts on this blog take years in the making.

Friday Reflections

1.) I just realized there hasn't been any post on this blog since last month, woah!

2.) Also, the last Friday Reflections post here was in May. Double woah! 

3.) It's the usuals: life is happening and sometimes hobbies and/or passions are not prioritized. Okay let's go.

4.) America's gun problem. Let's be honest more guns means more death. Here is the bottomline: "In every country, people get into arguments, hold racist views or suffer from mental health issues. But in the U.S., it is easier for those people to pick up a gun and shoot someone."