Friday Reflections

 1.) Why pronouncing names correctly matter. 

2.) My three fathers. This is the most beautiful essay on love, adoration, strength, and acceptance. The underlying theme is the love of a father for his children. Just beautiful.

3.) I've always known that while romantic love is the most celebrated kind of love, it is often the least dependable and most fleeting. So instead, I bring you this platonic [friendship] love story this valentine. It's about the moment people first "fell in love" with their friends. Cos you know you've met that person that you were like "yup! you HAVE to be my friend". Shout out to friends: old and new.

4.) Number 3 is how you know this has been sitting in the drafts for a WHILE. Ha.

5.)  A very effective video on how to do CPR. 

6.) This video is a masterclass on the fact that race is just a social construct. It is literally just skin color and then the rest is what culture you are embedded in. It also depicts the danger of stereotypes. This goes for tribe, and similar other markers and tools for division. 

7.) I hope number 6 above is our lesson that Black people are not a monolith, and for the love of God, can we stop associating Blackness with struggle?

8.) This girl broke up with her boyfriend because her best friend didn't like him. Now, no one fights the patriarchy more than me and the idea of only focusing on romantic relationships at the expense of all the other beautiful relationships in your life is stupid....and yet, even I found that story weird. And I know we learn some things about the guy in the end BUT I think it was a coincidence, and again, something is...weird about that story. 

9.) I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be devoted to God and to be committed to God, and to love God with all your heart, mind, soul. 

10.) How do you deal with rejection? I've been dealing with a lot of it recently and I'm reminded of old posts on this blog. See here and here and here.

Have the most amazing weekend and if you can't, then for the love of God, don't ruin someone else's.




  1. More people need to speak on the first article. I ask people to pronounce their names for me if I’m not sure so as not to say the wrong thing. I’ll never get it because I don’t want anyone calling me what I don’t want, everyone should make an effort please. Dunno when I’ll start paying for NYT so I can read their articles 😂💀. That Zikoko article..Hmmn..definitely weird. Let’s thank God the dude was caught for something cos that best friend was definitely way out of line but heyyy. I think I read that pizza article before but interesting to read it again. Hunger <<< 😂😂😂


    1. Ha, I know re names. I will say I try to extend people grace when it comes to pronouncing my name because I know pronouncing people's names isn't my strongest suit either. Ugh sorry the NYT paywall blocked you from reading the article. And yeahhh the Zikoko article was...something!