I'm Starting With The Woman In The Mirror.

This is completely coincidental. I did not even know Michael Jackson would have been fifty-five today until my Dad said it. May his soul rest in peace. The guy made great music though, very great music. More so, he was my brother's icon so he  probably grew on me too. No human being loved that guy the way my brother did, his ultimate dream was to meet Michael, unfortunately that was one dream that couldn't be fulfilled. Anyway, sorry for both of them, I put up the chorus of his song, 'Man In The Mirror' as my Facebook status and I thought about personalizing it. There's too much truth in the song. You want a change kwa? Stare at that mirror and begin the change with the person you see in the mirror.

I'm starting with the woman in the mirror
I'm asking her to change her ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place,
Take a look at your self and then make that change...

In light of celebrating his birthday for him, on behalf of my dear brother, of course, I decided to treat myself to his songs this afternoon. Oldies but coolies. For a non-music lover like me, it's giving me a great afternoon actually. I hate to say this but I miss Michael Jackson too :(. 

Sidebar; howcome people used to faint when listening to him? *confused face* I've been trying to immerse myself so much in the songs just to feel a teeny weeny of what people feel/felt, mba! Nothing is happening. Songs have no effect on me, it's really not my fault *sad face*. My little confession; it took me a great while to fully understand (in depth) worship songs. They used to be just songs to me till I made a conscious effort to truly worship God in truth and in spirit. I never regretted that decision :) The plus of this morbid feelings for music though is that I think I can listen to all the nonsense secular music released these days and they would have no effect on me even though I still deliberately choose to not listen to some of them because I love my ears. I cannot come and cause damage to my ears to the extent that my grand and great grand children will be using sign language to talk to me. Olorun ma je, I don't know about anyone else, but I intend to live a very long life. That's right! Except of course, God decides to end the world. Well then, but if not, I'm here to stay for a while. Forget the lies they told you, life is really LONG. Peez Out! lol


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