Keeping A Journal.

I'm thankful to everyone that read and appreciated my previous post. Several people holla'd at me to let me know they liked it. My parents actually read it and loved it, my Daddy wrote  a very long reply to it on Facebook. I'll probably put it up here in another post. Thanks, everybody. Eshe pupo. So, on to today's post, keeping a journal.
I read something somewhere. I can't remember the exact place and this is why I don't like to talk about things I read elsewhere. Because, I've read and I still read so many things on this platform called internet, that I mix all of them up and forget which is which. I digress. Anyway, I read somewhere quite recently that imagine the disciples of Jesus Christ never wrote down things they encountered while with him. Imagine, we had no records or stories about Jesus' miracles, low moments, high moments and triumphs. Imagine no one took the time to write them down, who would have told us about Christ or his many great deeds and works? It was the first time I ever looked at it in this perspective. I am quite sure, it was certainly not until they were ready to share the gospel that they started pouring all of it down. I strongly believe, they had been recording each day or each week or each month's events as they were happening. It is probably why, they had different account of things because each had different perspective and each wrote them down separately.

What is the essence of this story? Keeping a journal. I officially started keeping a journal at the age of 16 and I have had a journal since then. I never had a diary or secret book when I was a child. But I remember that if something happened, I would get a piece of paper and write every single thing down. I would fold it, then write "Please Do Not Read. Extremely Personal." on it. I get so personal with my journals (usually a big book) that I name them. No jokes, I christen them. I've had only two though since I was 16. Still on the second one. So, why did I start a journal? It was simple. My life was happening so fast that it felt like I was losing track of my own life. I wanted to keep track of my life, of my journey on earth. I write down my highs, my lows, my successes and even my failures. I report myself, my family and a few of my friends to my journal. Why do I write these things down? It's also simple. Besides being a place to express my creativity, it was/is a place to make me feel better. Sometimes, when I am extremely down, I pick up my journal and then I realize I had been there before and I came out of it. My journal encourages me. More than anything, it is like my mirror. I look into it to correct my wrongs and to inspire me. I write down my goals and even my fears in it. I am not saying anybody should get a book to record there sexual activities or their conquests or to rant about how someone else has been so unfair to you or stuff like that. I am just saying, it is a good way to be completely honest with yourself.

It is sometimes funny to me that I write down my life events so much because I have a brilliant memory, I remember events of my life from as far back as sixteen or seventeen years ago. Meaning, I'm not writing those things down just to remember, I am writing them down mostly to learn from my mistakes or better still, learn from my past successes. I jokingly told myself few days ago that, I would hand my journals to my female child (ren) to read about my life. I think not. Except I wait till she's 21 or not.

My journal helps me spiritually, emotionally, physically and in every good way I can think of. I want to know how I am fairing in my relationship with Jesus. I want to know if my financial state is better than it was last year, I want to know if I picked up bad habits I promised to drop. I want to know how far I am with my life goals. I want to know if I'm improving on my attitudes. My journal helps me with all these. It's so beautiful because, if the whole world is lying to you, believe it or not you would not (except of course you're extremely dumb) lie to your own self.

I do feel like I rambled a lot in this post, pardon me. In one word, the whole essence of a journal is Accountability. Of course, there are many other ways to be accountable; some people choose mentors, some choose friends, some choose their religious leaders, which are all very good. I do not know which is the best way, but I do know that being accountable is a very important aspect of life.

"And the LORD answered me, and said, WRITE the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

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