On Ignorant And Nosy People

It's funny that when I wrote this post, I didn't even realize I would have an example so soon. And it's the perfect example too. Let me refresh your memory. So in that post, I talked about people projecting their insecurities on others. I said people always find something to say and will attempt to mask their rubbish with faux concern. For the most part, I said, these people are just nosy or bored or want to be sure your life sucks as much as theirs.

Well, something happened that made me chuckle because it is the perfect example. Y'all know I stan for the Currys. Case in point, see here and here and here. Actually, Steph Curry is practically the only sports person I know. Lol. And If I didn't know his wife, I would not have known him. Anyway, so their family participated in Family Feud and they (Steph, his wife, his parents, his sister) took pictures, and posted the pictures on social media per usual. I saw the picture, aww'd and kept it moving. To me, a regular, sane, business-minding, it was an innocent family picture.

To the insecure, nonsensical busy-body, that picture was proof the Currys didn't care for the middle child (Seth Curry). Let's back up. Steph Curry apparently has a younger brother (Seth) who also plays basketball, but for another team. Now, as anyone with half a brain knows, it is incredibly hard to follow in the footstep of an extremely successful sibling. I honestly don't think Seth Curry is a bad player; I'm pretty sure he is great. But being Steph Curry's younger brother must be like being in the same musical group as Beyonce: not many people notice you. Some people are just like that, their star shines so brightly, others have a hard time being seen around them. It's hardly the fault of anyone; it's just life.

To then think somehow that the parents and family of the Curry brothers prefer one over the other just because he is more of a star is extremely presumptuous and frankly, silly. Many parents claim not to have a favorite child; we'll have to take their words for it. Truth though, I suspect, is that even when they do have favorites, it's rarely for the obvious reasons people think. In the previously described family picture, Seth wasn't there. As soon as those poor folks posted their pictures, people started to comment...and I don't go around reading comments, but I notice Ayesha told her sister-in-law to explain because people were already "coming for them". Hmmph.

oh wow, you guys just act like Seth doesn't exist.

Where is Seth?

Damn Seth didn’t get an invite

Where’s Seth Curry

FIRST OF ALL, WHAT IS YOUR BUSINESS?! Those girls had to keep explaining; they even edited the caption to explain that Seth was not there because he was just recovering from a knee surgery. Can you imagine?  The sister said repeatedly, he is just a part of this family as anyone. You don't know a family's dynamics, you are just on your own making stupid assumptions based on your own desperately wicked mind.  You are conjuring up scenarios that don't exist and then projecting it on another family? And you are not doing this all by yourself, but going ahead to ask intrusive questions and insinuate ridiculous things about something that is TRULY beyond the family's control. Because there was no way they could have had Seth there since he was, you know, recovering from surgery. A fact they would have known, if they were true, actual fans of Seth Curry and not just nosy people. Hopefully Seth Curry is emotionally intelligent enough to not allow such rubbish affect him so much that he starts to feel inferior to his brother.

That's what I mean by not allowing anyone project their insecurities on you. Ignore the noise and do your own thing.



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