Friday Reflections

1.) Merry Christmas Eve! And Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS tomorrow. 

2.) Let's do one Friday Reflections for Christmas. A special Christmas edition haha.

3.) The hidden cost of black hair.

4.)Seth and his family celebrate his newborn daughter. This is the wholesome content you didn't know you needed. 

5.) Why didn't God answer your prayer?

6.) It is time to let go of celebrity relationship goals. "Not only do Relationship Goals fetishize an image that’s curated and not real, they also glorify a type of Black love that prioritizes staying together (aka building a brand) over anything else." 

7.) TIME heroes of the year are the vaccine scientists that quite literally changed the world. You already know how I feel about one of them. Oh and another one.

8.) Life is what you make it. Make it what you enjoy. Wear/use all that "special stuff" today and feel extra special. After all, tomorrow is not guaranteed. 

9.) Anti-inflammatory foods you should consider incorporating into your diet. 

10.) "Emotions make us humans. Denying them makes us beasts" - Spirit Science YouTube Channel.  So, what exactly are emotions?

11.) I think it's completely despicable that we live in a world where people get sick and have to worry about how to pay for healthcare, despite the vast and grotesque amount of wealth in said world. America, I'm looking at you. Because of this, there are soooo many people on GoFundMe seeking financial help as they battle all kinds of diseases, worst of all cancer; so much that even the CEO of GoFundMe expressed serious concerns. Anyway, to that end, every now and then, when I come across someone fundraising on GoFundMe, I will share here on Friday Reflections and if you can donate, please please do.

Here is today's: please help Taiwo pay for chemotherapy

Book of the Month: People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

It's the happiesttttt time of the year! It's the most wonderful time of the year. Welcome to December, people! One thing about me, I will help you manufacture joy and cheer for the Christmas season. First, check out this playlist to help you get into the Christmas spirit. I have decided to not be retrospective at all about this year because...well, completing this sentence would be me being retrospective, no? I reserve the right to change my mind about this by the way. 

Another book of the month! Shall we just make this a book blog altogether? NO. Lol. The book of this month is lighthearted, witty, breezy, and fun. It's called "People We Meet on Vacation" and it's by Emily Henry. Most books I bring to y'all on this blog are often heavy and with depths that may even discourage you from reading sometimes (I may just be assuming this). NOT this month's book. It is especially fitting for the holidays, as you get cozy and settle into a mood that screams "ready to chill". In sum, this is basically a romcom in a book form. I struggled with how much I should say about the book because I knew nothing about it going in and I think it improved my reading experience not having a clue about the book, the characters, or even the story.  In any case, it tells the story of Poppy and Alex.