There have been tons of scientific research on the importance and benefits of gratitude. Still, as human beings we have kinda wired ourselves to think a particular way; ignore everything we have and focus on the many things we want to have, but don't yet have. Now, I will be the first to admit that there are only a few things more frustrating than not getting what you want or need. The more that thing escapes our grip, the more inadequate we can sometimes feel. It doesn't help that we live in very interesting times. I don't think there has been any other time in history when people have been able to compare themselves to others: friends, families, foes. We see them living the life on social media; you see that person's list of achievements on LinkedIn and you wonder how you let all these years pass without achieving just one thing. Let's digress for a minute to talk about how not-useful LinkedIn actually is. Apart from being an avenue to monitor someone else's career progress (or lack of) aka being nosy, what other benefit does that site have? I woke up one fine morning and drastically edited my LinkedIn profile, leaving only the barest minimum. Anyway, that is just me; feel free to use it as you deem fit. Okay back to the matter at hand.

It also doesn't help that not only does your favorite blogger live the life, they tell you that the only reason you are not living the life is because you don't dream big enough; because you are complacent; because you don't dare to dream yada yada. And you believe them, so you keep your sight on what you want and forget to appreciate what you have. You think when you finally have that dream you will be able to live. You are wrong; you would always want something. ALWAYS.

So what can we do while we are waiting for what we want? Be grateful for what we have. Learn to have an attitude of praise; thanksgiving; gratitude. Not only will you begin to feel really better, you will learn to value what you currently have.  It helps to be thankful to God and also to people around you. Gratitude boosts your physical and psychological health, what's not to love about it? Don't be vague, be specific; make a list if you must. I made one of such lists recently and thought to blog some of them. You can take a step further by making a gratitude journal, or just a journal where you keep record of the beautiful, amazing things God has done for you. Without much ado, and in no particular order, here are some things I am thankful for:
Thankful for food!

  1. I'm thankful for life
  2. I'm thankful for salvation
  3. I'm thankful for my amazing family
  4. I'm thankful for provision
  5. I'm thankful for protection
  6. I'm thankful for food
  7. I'm thankful for peace and joy and laughter
  8. I'm thankful for freedom
  9. I'm thankful for my friends
See, once you start, you can go on and on and on...It helps. Try it. 

So before you beat yourself up too much for not having met your desired goals in the second half of the year, remember to count your blessings and literally name them one by one. You'd be surprised :-) Besides, it's not too late to pick up where you're slacking. There are still six months left after all. 

Enjoy the second half of the year!


Happy Fourth of July!!!

Here's to freedom and the many sacrifices made to achieve that freedom!




  1. Reading this for me is a pleasant reminder. The need to count our blessings can not be overemphasised. Great post.
    Life|Hello July

  2. Very nice writeup ifeoluwa.its very refreshing to know that a simple heart of gratitude can be a turning point to our lives.thank you for the writeup.more knowledge shall come your way from above.