Friday Reflections

1.) Have you read this recent post on how to conduct fieldwork for your research?

2.) Keep your goals to yourself. As someone who doesn't really like to talk about her goals, I quite agree with this TED Talk.

3.) An old schoolmate recently passed away, and I was really shocked. We all were. Normally, this sort of thing bothers me of course, but I was even sadder than I normally would be.

4.) I was (and I think we all were) utterly confused. But then I remembered our hope in Christ; I would like to say God reminded me of our hope in Christ...our hope for eternity...our joy despite sadness. My prayer is that God grants peace and comfort to her parents, family, and friend.

5.) Okay, is anyone else over the news? (whew started writing this more than three weeks ago, and yuppp, still OVER THE NEWS).

6.) Okay so, get this: Aja Newman checked into Mount Sinai's emergency room with a shoulder pain. Then a famous ER doctor sexually assaulted her.  A whole medical community and other gatekeepers worked to shut her down. Aja Newman won. This story is mind-blowing, powerful, and worth the read.

7.)  The truth is, David Newman would never have stopped if not for the bravery of Aja Newman (yes, a BLACK woman once again saves the day). That woman is what you call a bad ass, a fighter, and hella fierce.

8.) This brought tears to my eyes. And now I'm thinking of all the impactful and kind human beings I have been fortunate to cross paths with.

9.) The five stages of taking  a public shit. Lmao. Besides sharing that post, I also wanted to highlight the blog and (blogger) behind it. She's really creative! Oh also, maybe I should be randomly sharing blogs I like.

10.) Should I be including a fun (or not), interesting, random photo from the week in Friday Reflections? Hmmm. Thinking about this. In the meantime, check out the Instagram page, I always post a Friday dessert to get you yearning for sweet treats haha.

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