Sometimes, Life is What It Is, Life.

In one of the very old episodes of Law & Order, a woman killed her sister so she could steal her identity. She—the murderer—was so good at pretending to be her sister that she deceived a team of counselors and detectives. Anyway, even though it took a while, she was eventually caught. She had to plead guilty and while she was doing so, the counselor looked at her and said with disgust "You took your sister's life to escape from those who were after yours". Her response was what puzzled me and of course what originated this post.

 "My sister lived in (insert city), Indiana where she stapled papers everyday in an Insurance company. My sister had no life."

This brings me to my question. Why do people think routine is boring? Why do people think that because you are okay making a living out of something that is not particularly glamorous, it automatically means you are boring or worse, that you have no life? I think that adventure is overrated. I also think that accepting a particular way of life, or being used to your routine does not make you complacent. Too many times, young people have fallen into all sorts of traps in a bid to bring out the 'adventure' in them. Every time, you hear people tell students and young adults to 'enjoy' their University days because it only happens once. In fact, some other young people risk their lives and then they excuse the juvenile acts with 'You Only Live Once.' In other words, because you live once, you should try out every single stupid thing. Right.

I am very risk averse. And I know how very terrible that can be. It means I may sometimes loose opportunities, perhaps I may not spread my net widely enough when necessary. But it also means, I think a LOT. It also means, if I eventually decide to take a risk, it will be a very well calculated one. Truthfully, it really is not a good thing to 'walk on the edge' all your life. Neither is it a good thing to not live and just exist. I assure you though, that if you think back on the many irrelevant and maybe even stupid things you did spontaneously because you were desperately trying to 'LIVE', you will now realize how terribly pointless they were and even still are.

We are in an era where young people are so restless, it is frightening. Young people are living like they have been given a particular death day and are trying a little bit too hard to LIVE THE LIFE before the said day. Because, I'm a Christian and not just a Christian, one that tries hard to please God, I am inclined towards the school of thought of living everyday like it's your last. But that does not require you to purposely place your life in imminent danger or worse, risk other people's lives. Neither does it require you to specifically decide to waste your life or make choices that will affect you negatively, rather what that actually requires of you is making the best of each day and indeed choosing wisely to live life in the best possible way you can.

In the first example I gave, the murderer who was also a con artist and a gambler somehow believed her own life was much more worthy than that of her sister's because well, the poor and unfortunate sister happened to have a boring job and lived in a boring city. The irony. Of course, I am not saying that the murderer's life was useless either. I'm just saying that it is high time people faced the reality of life. When I tell people that sometimes I just loathe going out, the reactions that follow amaze me. Some people think you are practically a living dead if partying is not your forte. It is okay to take life as gently as you want to or even to settle. Yes, I said it. Sometimes, you can settle. Settling is overrated. Just know and understand that moderation is key. Please, just don't be extremely irrational because you are trying to live. At the same time, go out there. Opportunities await you. The world is your stage.

"Life is my runway, everyday is a fashion show for me..."



  1. on point, you are so right. I like the phrase 'adventure is overrated'

  2. I'm happy you share my sentiments. thank you, for stopping by! :-)

  3. I'm happy you share my sentiments. Thank you, for stopping by! :-)

  4. You spoke my mind, MODERATION is the word...