Friday Reflections.

1) I have not been blogging much these days because I feel 'out of touch'. This is not writer's block because I've been writing in other places.

2) After a busy week, I went to one of my favorite blogs, Rmj today and learned many things (as usual!). Something that struck a chord however was, if someone compliments you, better believe them.

3) Oh, what it feels like to be so loved. Amazing.

4) Solitude is not a bad thing at all.

5) Although nothing beats a great company; especially when the said company is your family :)

6) Am I the only one that feels like I got absolutely nothing out of my undergraduate degree? Probably. Shrug.

8) One of God's greatest gift to me is the ability to teach myself. Self development is a good thing.

9) This thing going on in Missouri, there's so much to be said about it but no, I won't blog about it.

10) But eh if you know you're already being suspected of being a thief, what the heck are you doing playing with the child of a goat?

11) Number 10 is a Yoruba proverb I translated to English literally.

12) Today, my Mom read her daily devotional to me...over the phone! LOL

13) I hope you guys get your daily dose of Loveoasis Magazine at You do not want to be left out! Don't say I didn't tell you :-D

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