Friday Reflections: In Sickness And In Health

1.) I like how misleading this title is. You're going to think this post is about marriage, lol or wedding or at least relationship. Sorry to disappoint you. I needed a theme for my Friday Reflections because I planned on not writing just one liners this time around.

2.) When I come to the realization, once in a very blue moon that I'm actually quite privileged compared to millions of other people my age; I'm like crap, I should be more grateful.

3.) I fell really ill earlier this week and I had exams also. It had been so long I fell ill, I didn't know what it felt like anymore. Let me just say, thank Jesus for a perfect health. I remember feeling so weak on Monday, I thought about putting my health insurance card and my parents' contact in a more obvious part of my wallet. I was sure I was going to drop on the floor and lose consciousness or something. I was WEAK. Thank God I didn't though. This is such a terrible time to be sick, everyone is so scared of Ebola right now. Lol. If you can't already tell, this is where the title of the post generated from. I have been in sickness and also in good health, this week alone. LOL, I can be silly sometimes!
                                                  As seen on the metro...for the fear of Ebola. :-(

4.) It's my friend, M's birthday today.

5.) Remy Ma. I heard that name for the first time, earlier this week. She is supposedly a rap star and was interviewed on Wendy's show. She just got out of prison recently. She seemed really calm and collected, so when I heard what got her to prison, you know I'd to Google  her. Anyway long and short of the story, she was outside a club in Manhattan, and a friend stole three thousand dollars from her. One thing led to another while they were arguing, a gun went off and it hit the friend in the stomach. (Wendy's version). Wikipedia's version said while she was arguing with her friend about the money, she shot her friend and left that one bleeding profusely while she went through her purse and did NOT find the money. She hopped on another car and left. She was sentenced to eight years in prison and got out after six. Why this long story of mine? Remy was initially from a terrible neighborhood in Bronx with a family of drug abuse. She took comfort in writing poems and street rapping and was later discovered by a pop start. She was probably one of the best female rapper at the time and went to jail at a time when hip hop was everything and more. She might come up again but she already LOST those six years. You can take a child from the hood, but I doubt you'll ever take the hood from the child. Best of luck to her. You can watch her interview on Wendy here.

6.) Much ado about the internet. I jumped on a bandwagon of internet/cyber cleanse. Let's just say mine was a social media cleanse as I needed internet to study for the above exams. So I stayed off Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (those are the only social media I use). Facebook kept sending me emails though that I was missing a lot that was happening on FB. Lol. I initially started to stay off just Instagram because boy, was that stuff a distraction or nah? I have a bad habit of being interested in random people. Instagram feeds that habit. Anyway, so I started by staying off IG because I wanted to concentrate and then I stumbled on a post by a someone I really respect. She was doing an email cleanse and I decided to copy o. I didn't stay off e-mails though, I couldn't afford the luxury. I stayed off the rest and let me just say it doesn't make much sense. I'll explain.

First of all, I agree that you should not spend the bulk of your time faffing around on the internet; spend your time doing constructive things. But since, that wasn't my case I don't think the cleanse made sense. The main argument was that too much social media is terrible for introverts like me. Instead of going out to socialize and meet actual people, we spend our time on the internet. I'm introverted, very much so. So, the internet helps me to connect really well. Like the person above said on her blog, it's like stepping out the hallway for a break only to see the room filled with old and new friends all chatting away, catching up on each other's lives. Now, to be honest, people are really silly on social media. Sigh. Huge problem, but it also helps a great deal. We can't all meet the people we look up to and aspire to be like. Instead of waiting to meet them and be too star-struck to say anything, why can't I follow them on Twitter to get a glimpse of their lives? Well, you can wait till they write memoirs in the next one million years, or you can read their blogs and get inspired there. Plus it's fun anyway. Lol. Now as for putting it all out there, that's your own personal choice. As for social media being a cause of depression, because when people see their peers uploading pictures of their 70 carat diamond rock a la engagement ring and you can't even manage to get a first date. Honey, it's mostly a fa├žade. I hate it when random people use words of endearments for me by the way. I'm not your puppy please lol. Anyway, I don't get fazed by what I see on social media at all. Not everybody is fake but lots of people are trying hard to give an impression. An impression that their lives are somewhat better than what it really is. I know someone whose life was just as regular and random as mine but she'd Tweet like she was living on the fabulous lane. That and many other things helped me stay grounded on social media matters. Plus there will always be someone better anyway, just stay satisfied and content, okay? Good. I hope I have convinced and not confused you that social media is indeed not a harmful tool. Thank you. LOL

7.) Fellow Nigerians, aren't you just a tad proud that Nigeria (read Lagos) was able to contain Ebola. May the soul of Dr. Adadevoh and others who lost their lives to Ebola rest in peace.

8.) After reading this post on the making of human hair weaves, I started to consider ending my non-existent relationship with weaves and hair extensions. I mean, GOAT HAIR!? Nah. It's never that serious. They are too expensive for my likening anyway.

9.) A lady wrote a post on Bellanaija about the first year of her marriage, her decision to stay a virgin till she married and some more juicy stuff on sex for virgin brides. I used to hold out a little bit of hope for my generation, I have now lost all that hope. Never before had I seen anyone be so insulted for standing for their values. The irony, as my friend S and I later discovered was that, if that was a juicy sex stuff celebrating promiscuity and  infidelity, people would applaud it and watch/read. But you know, it was a lady who chose chastity, who chose good morals, so of course, she was cyber bullied. And her post was so needed because even mothers never talk to their daughters about sex anymore, it is an informal taboo. You'd never see anyone explain the nitty gritty of marriage. It feels like there's a code now among women, where no one is allowed to say anything about marriage, it is all a big secret. Yet, someone willingly allowed the world into her private life, to educate people. But the comment section was filled with so much  vile because she defied the norms and stood vehemently for what she believed in. What has life become?

10.) This Friday Reflection was so long and bulky. Bleh. It somewhat defeats the entire purpose but meh, I had a lot on my mind this time around.

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