The Young Shall Grow.

It's my brother's birthday today. Happy Birthday to him. I can't believe how time flies. It felt like it was last month I just wrote him a birthday post. Anyway, that's not really why we are here. Usually, on birthdays of my family and friends (I would say close friends but let's face it, my close friends are about the only friends I have anyway) I usually like to have several of their pictures so I can constantly change my display picture on BBM that day. I love to make people feel special on their birthdays; I think it's that one day in every year when people deserve to feel like kings and queens. Lol. Moving on. I have a bad habit of not saving pictures so unless you directly send me pictures of you, I most likely don't have it. My brother hardly never takes photos, so I kept asking for him to at least send me something. I can't imagine putting up the whole world's pictures on their birthdays and then on my brother's birthday, nothing.

He finally sent me some pictures. One of those pictures is why I'm writing this post.

Sorry you will have to twist your neck. I rotated it on my phone but blogger won't let me do that.

So I looked at this picture. My first reaction was laughter. I thought to myself, "I believe in miracles." And then I looked again. And then I looked again. Like whaatttt? The ultimate throwback. I actually have never seen this picture in my entire life. I wonder where my brother dug it from. Well, for one I was right in this post about my brother. Second, what in the world is going on with my hair? I didn't have good hair as a child. Again, I believe in miracles. Third, why was I so skinny? I feel like throwing some burgers at myself. Fourth, why was I so skinny? Maybe people will finally understand I am just a thin person naturally. I now love my body though, and do not want to get fat or even increase in size. Yes, I said it.

But, beyond the superficial things I listed above. The picture is filled with so much memories. The picture is also remembrance that time is precious. The picture speaks growth. I had a good childhood and growing up, but I don't want to go back. I am not having the best life but I sure am enjoying this age. I am not in a hurry to grow older too. The past was beautiful, but there is a reason, it's the past. It's weird because, despite my somewhat good memory, I don't remember taking this picture. I don't even remember what house this was. Oh look at my Mum's graduation picture behind, haha. And the frame of Jesus or Mary, kneeling and praying. We used to have many paintings at home. What happened to them? Oh, how I miss childhood :-) But I don't want to go back.

I like that I have a blog. I don't have the time to maintain my journal anymore :-( but thankfully my blog is on cyberspace. One day soon, maybe in ten years or twenty, I will look at this post and marvel at how far I have come and how much I have grown. Because I grow everyday.

Oh crap, I forgot it's not me whose birthday is today. Haha. Well, happy birthday again, big bro! Love and light, oh and growth!

P.S; I am typing this on my brand new computer. Whoosh! This is literally the first thing I am doing with the computer. I remember seeing this computer (an older variation of it) two years ago, and I said to my family "I want this computer, I am going to get it".  Even I laughed at myself, while saying it. Fast forward, two years later, I needed a computer and got something else, totally forgetting I made that statement. The computer spoilt in the middle of important schoolwork! *RME* and here I am, with the same computer I always wanted. Isn't God just great?

P.P.S; don't worry if your child isn't too fine eh? He/she will outgrow it. LMAO.

P.P.P.S; I have something on my mind about 'Christians' and how unlike Christ they are. It has to do with my experience in a church. I just don't know if I should blog about it. You know, I am trying to be politically correct nowadays. I am tired of being 'opinionated' and 'overly expressive'. Plus, not every time talk, sometimes shut up. LOL



  1. Wow...this brings back some wonderful memories!...

    And btw, I would like to hear your view about "Christians and how unlike Christ they are" and how opinion is based on a recent experience in a church. And if anyone or group accuse you of being "opinionated" or "overly expressive", simply tell them you are only taking after your father.