Friday Reflections.

1.) Happy new year.

2.) I don't typically make New Year's resolutions.

3.) That being said, the one resolution I have this year is to stop laughing at people, and talking about people in general.

4.) In other words, I will be minding my damn business this year. LOL.

5.) If my French teacher back in high school had spent more time teaching us French than screaming at us, and being mean, perhaps, I wouldn't be spending all these time learning the language.

6.) Je comprends un peu L'Francais.

7.) Something is wrong with me; I spent the bulk of my holiday watching Grey's Anatomy, AGAIN! I need help!

8.) People make so much noise about freedom in defense of homosexualism and many other things, yet these same people castigate religion a tad too much.

9.) If you can be free to announce to the world who you have sexual relations with, why can't I be free to make noise about my Jesus wherever I deem fit?

10.) I am sick of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. I usually try not to insult him because I respect the office, but God knows GEJ frustrates my efforts every time he opens his mouth.

11.) If you let yourself, you'll wake up one morning and realize how indifferent you now are about that thing that once gave you sleepless nights. If you let yourself, you''ll wake up one morning and realize you have been healed.

12.) My holiday comes to an end this weekend. Even as an adult, I am still having chills about heading back. Bleh. #Oldhabitsdiehard.

13.) I am fast becoming a hashtag junkie.

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