Friday Reflections

1.) I have a dream that one day we'll truly live in a world that stands against injustice and fights for the poor, oppressed, and marginalized.

2.) No matter how hard we try, we (black women) can't escape the fact that our hair is political.

3.) Also just peep that video  [in number 2] if you wanna see how gorgeous black women are.

4.) Ellen Pompeo is the effing QUEEN of T.V. and I'm here for it. I also love the confidence that comes with age and just generally knowing your shit.

5.) As a stakeholder in Grey's Anatomy (YES, with the amount of my life I have given that show, you bet I am), I 'm so here for all the female empowerment and friendship involved in the creation of the show.

6.) See this essay on the truth about money. I told you, finances are a major part of this year for me. I wish I began this path (of financial literacy) before I turned 20, but I'm GLAD to have started before turning 30.

7.) Hahaha. Whose woke kid is this? The boy was like "I like to have Columbus day off, but I want you to not tell me lies." bloooop!

8.) The right way to negotiate your salary. Speak up, ladies.

9.) Police brutality, religion, domestic violence. To say the most recent Grey's Anatomy episode killed it would be an understatement. Spoiler alert for that link, by the way.

10.) What to say to women who are not feminists or who believe we live in a perfect world in which women and men are equal.

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