Friday Reflections

1.) How God messed up this atheist's happy life.

2.) April Kepner's formidable strength is admirable. Honestly, Sarah Drew has been FIRE this season; it is incredibly sad to see her go.

3.) What I love about Kepner is how unlike TV's "baddest" women she is: not assertive or aggressive, but still filled with immense strength. That's something we can all relate to.

4.) I feel like often times tv shows and movies portray strong women and feminists as this formidable, assertive women who go for what they want, when they want it...whereas in real life many of us display our strength piece by piece and quietly (but not always successfully) fight for what we believe. Many of us actually doubt ourselves a lot, yet we are still quietly resilient.

5.) This profile on Chimamanda Adichie will make you love her even more.

6.) Read this to get a better understanding of the opioid and other drug addiction in Nigeria. Also big ups to BuzzFeed and that reporter for that stellar reporting; fantastic job!

7.) More women are speaking at Graduation ceremonies than ever before.

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  1. Read the Chimamanda profile again even though I remember reading it when it dropped. Came in handy for her 46th birthday 🎉🎉