Friday Reflections

1.) Luxury beliefs (Like luxury goods) are the latest status symbols for Americans. I agree with everything in that article except the point on White Privilege. Yeah white privilege is certainly a thing, fo sho.

2.) Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on identity, feminism, and honest conversations.

3.) Celebrating Chimamanda. Chimamanda is actually a genius, and one of the most brilliant minds alive.

4.) Divorce lawyers give relationship advice.

5.) 100 people tell us their biggest regrets. A lot of that had to do with sex/relationships with the wrong persons. A close second had to do with education. What is my biggest regret? That is so absolute. I would say though one big regret I have definitely has more to do with education than with sex or relationships.

6.) For me if it no longer affects me, then it can not qualify as a regret. Simple.

7.) I just finished all five seasons of Jane the Virgin. Loved it! Some really corny parts but ultimately really lovely with its themes of family, love, passion, romance, and everything in between. For me, the strong connection between Jane, her mother, and her grandmother is what the folks at Gilmore Girls just couldn't nail with the two Lorelais.

8.) Check out this New Yorker profile of the show: "Jane the Virgin" is Not a Guilty Pleasure.

9.) Do you think a lot about getting more involved in your community? How are you doing this?

10.) The last Friday before Christmas. Are you taking time off work?


  1. I love getting involved in my community. I have moved around a little bit and haven't been doing so well in that department in my current location but stuff I've done - food banks, meals on wheels, ronald mcdonald house(can't do this again, too sad), paid off outstanding school lunch bill. Hope you have a happy holidays! keep blogging at least one person is reading :D

  2. Oh that's awesome: paying off outstanding school lunch bill. It's something that's so heartbreaking...
    Anyway, thanks for sharing. It's one of my main things for 2020, getting more involved in my community.