Friday Reflections

 1.) "My mother has forgotten everything, including me. But her love is still here." A beautiful essay on love, motherhood, old age, illness, and all that come with it. 

2.) Chimamanda Adichie on the death on good faith.

3.) "Weight Loss", "Clean Eating", "Juicing" "Cleanse" "Remove Toxins" and other ridiculousness: here is how the diet industry hijacked our finances. 

4.)The secret money rule she learnt in japan.

5.) How social media is ruining our connections.

6.) Envy is a terrible trait, for sure! But could it also be a catalyst? Could it motivate you into action? Maybe? At the very least, I think it has a way of showing you what you want.

7.) A feminist manifesto you want to check out. 

8.) I don't want to jinx it *so knock on wood* but I am on track to this being a very productive year for my writing. woohoo. Anyway, tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend that exciting things are going to be happening on this blog. So come feed your soul!

9.) Here is today's fundraising from GoFundMe: Help save Chioma's life. She has been diagnosed with stage-5 kidney disease and needs financial assistance to pay for treatment. Please consider contributing.

10.) I am considering limiting Friday Reflections to no more than 10 so I don't overwhelm you. Let's try that out today. So, that's it folks! 

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