Friday Reflections

1.) I just realized there hasn't been any post on this blog since last month, woah!

2.) Also, the last Friday Reflections post here was in May. Double woah! 

3.) It's the usuals: life is happening and sometimes hobbies and/or passions are not prioritized. Okay let's go.

4.) America's gun problem. Let's be honest more guns means more death. Here is the bottomline: "In every country, people get into arguments, hold racist views or suffer from mental health issues. But in the U.S., it is easier for those people to pick up a gun and shoot someone."

5.) Twitter is intense and emotionally draining, and I just fail to see what, if any, good the place does. I am so happy I have completely divested from that place and only check in from time to time. 

6.) Viola Davis. Inside Out.

7.) There is something altogether genuine and authentic and adorable and decent about Alan Alda. I just love him. 

8.) Tyler Perry's commencement speech at Emory was about the importance of a good work ethic,  resilience, always looking for professors and teachers in life, and leaving your own footprints.

9.) She spoke with 70 parents who raised highly successful kids and found these four hard parenting rules that set them apart. 

10.) Spring 2020 was an extremely dark time for our world, but in the midst of it, there was light beaming in the New York apartment where this woman quarantined with her best friend, her best friend's husband, and their kid. I find this so heartwarming in so many ways. 

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