Are there times when you feel drowned? There is no water or ocean, but you feel like you're sinking and gasping for breath, unfortunately there is no one around to help. Or worse, do you feel like you are screaming out for help, people are listening but they just chose not to do anything about it. I don't know about anybody else, but there are certainly times I feel like God is ignoring me. You know, he can hear me but he just chooses to ignore me. There are some other people that feel like why do the 'bad folks' or 'non-religious' folks have it all. They are the ones with the flashy things, meanwhile you, the tongue-lashing-demon-casting christian is struggling with everything. There is an explanation for everything. I was recently not in a very good mood and I was doing everything I could to get my groove back. My brother sent me some very inspiring messages/sermons by Pastor Sam Adeyemi of Daystar. So I listen to them once in a while. He mentioned a statement in one of the sermons, while talking about his humble beginnings, he said; "No matter how much you worry, God would not do today what he intends to do tomorrow"  Eureka! These words have changed my thought process forever. God bless my brother's soul.
The most beautiful thing about life is that God loves us; you and I. Many people may have to tell themselves this every minute or write it down in a post-it and place by your bed, whichever way, just have a constant reminder about God's love for you. The story of Lazarus in John 11 teaches so many lessons. For the purpose of this post, I'll rephrase the story. In the previous chapter, Jesus had just escaped from the Jews to another city(town). It was there he got a message that his friend was sick. My own bible says "Lord, the one you love is sick." Very apt phrase. "This sickness will not end in death. It's for God's glory..." Now, Jesus loved Lazarus, yet when he heard he was sick, he stayed TWO more days where he was. The same way, when we are sick or we need  something and we call on God, he knows our problems, he has heard our problems but maybe he is not just ready to answer. Because, he has plans and more so being a very orderly and well-planned being, he makes all things beautiful in HIS own time. So, because you haven't got an instant fix to all your problems doesn't mean there is no God or that he hasn't heard you. He has. Remain persistent. I know of about two stories in the bible where Jesus talks about prayer and persistence and the importance of both.

However, before you scream and get angry with God (I hope I'm not the only person that has got angry with God before. Jokes. lol), check yourself. There is one really BIG reason why prayers don't get answered, sin. Sometimes, our sins make it difficult for God to hear us. Also, there was a time, I wondered the importance of prayer and faith when God would still do whatever he wants anyway. I found my answers of course. You see, a lot of times on Twitter, I see people complain about how others only call them when they need help. Frankly, I have no problem with someone calling me only when he/she needs help. If I can, I certainly will. But I am not God. God wants a relationship with us. Even before we ask, he already knows our desires. But praying cultivates a relationship with God, it builds a relationship with him.

Knowing God and building a relationship with him isn't a day's job. It requires a daily habit and lifestyle and in most cases, many of us fall short but at least we try. God is always ready to meet us halfway, that of course is if we are ready. He would never force you. Personally, I find solace in that many of the things I'm experiencing, Jesus experienced them too. After he went back to Judea and found that Lazarus was dead ( he already knew anyway), he saw Mary and the Jews with her crying. He had compassion and also wept. It means that when you are crying or sad or when you just lost someone, either to death or something else, he sees you and he understands. He's a compassionate Lord.

Therefore, before you give in to life's many curves or before you worry about the future so much that you forget to enjoy today, remember to take a step back, relax and be assured that God has got you. And that no matter how powerful a storm is, it will definitely stop. This too will pass.

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