Sign The Petition. #BringBackOurGirls

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Of course the madness that is going on in Northern Nigeria is no longer news. If you are like me, then the most frustrating part of the situation is the helplessness. I am so angry, yet so helpless. The most recent one is the situation in Chibok where some girls were kidnapped. It's so disturbing that we can't even agree on the amount of girls that were taken. We are talking of human beings not cockroaches or ants. And just like that, they disappeared. It actually isn't the most recent situation. But at least, there is hope that the girls are still alive. And they haven't been blown into million pieces. Pictures are everywhere on the cyberspace now and there even is a hashtag about it on Twitter; #Bringbackourgirls. To be very honest, I am not sure if those 'tweets' and pictures will work. But then again, I strongly believe all hands should be on deck. Lend your voice in any way that you can.

So when I got an email to help win a petition by asking my friends to sign. I thought, why not? So, dear friends, will you sign it too? It really will not take long. After you sign, you should also get an email asking you to share the petition. Maybe we can help after all? SO, let's spread the word. One signature at a time.

Here is the link to SIGN THE PETITION.


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