The Patriotism in the Christian

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Happy July 4th weekend!

Here's to freedom and to democracy.

So many things are unclear to so many people. Like, what is the essence of Christianity? How am I a good Christian? Who is a good Christian? What are so-called Christian values? How am I supposed to act? So, can I be nationalistic AND Christian?

I am a bit unclear about some of these things too, except the LAST one. You have to pick one. You either hate others/those different from you or you are a Christian. You can't be both. You can't use the pulpit of God IN a church to bully people. You can't use the celebration of July 4/Independence Day to preach a hatred for non-Americans and a disdain for the other. Actually you can, if you want to. You just can't do that AND be a Christian at the same time. You gotta pick one.

"The church is an embassy of heaven, not America. It’s an international family bought and paid for by a Middle Easterner’s blood." - Matt Smethurst.

I'm not saying don't be patriotic. I'm saying what is your patriotism about? A celebration of true freedom and democracy, or a practice of inherent superiority to those who aren't white males. Because it's becoming increasingly hard to differentiate between the two these days. Before you throw in the founding fathers, please just go elsewhere because I don't really care. Bless their souls, but founding fathers of America and any other country were human beings too. I cringe at this idolization of people who came before us as if they could do no wrong. I digress.

But yes, I  felt like sharing that today. Do what you want with it.

Love, and some freedom,


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