Friday Reflections

1.) Thirty-six financial decisions people regret. The article in that link is the scariest thing you will read all week. Promise.

2.) How braids tell America's black hair history. I don't like to ever talk bad about the Kardashians, because honestly, it's trite and the girls are actually mostly nice people (especially Kim). But the thing Kim did with the cornrows is very distasteful.

3.) I also know that cultural appropriation is not a very simple concept for most people, so just read and do your research.

4.) Welcome to Black History Month!

5.) If I have the time, I might shine the light on some old and contemporary black folks doing the darn thing.

6.) Anyway, this month I'm rooting for everybody black

7.) Watch Ellen give the biggest gift ever. Ellen is freaking AMAZING. I literally screamed at the end of the video. Ha.

8.) Read this story of the wife of a former N.F.L player detail how football destroyed his mind. Between this and the injustice Kaepernick is facing, there is no way I can watch any football game.

9.) Friday Reflection is coming on a Saturday morning, because life.

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