So What is God's Will For My Life?

I recently completed a plan on YouVersion about God's will. hmmm. Maybe I should start a What I'm loving on YouVersion typa thing. I really, really love YouVersion, as I have probably mentioned on this blog a million times. See here and here and here and here and here. Wow, maybe YouVersion needs to sponsor me oh. Tell their people to call my people. Haha. On a more serious note, it's incredibly organized and quite easy for someone like me. And you can literally find something tailored towards how you are feeling or whatever season in life you are.

Anyway, so this new plan I just completed was called "What The Bible Says About God's Will". I wanted to just recommend it, but I know that alone won't work. Knowing myself; if I read some post suggesting something, I probably would not bother reading it too. Yeah, we are all stubborn like that. So I am taking the time to do a short summary, because of just how great it was.  Yeah, you're welcome. Lol. Also it's just a 7-day plan, so if you can, you really should check it out.

A lot of times when you are in a dilemma or life is just really kicking your butt or you ask for advice, most Christians will tell you to do God's will. In fact, before any huge life decision: say you want to move, or go to grad school, or switch jobs, or the VERY ULTIMATE...marry a person, they say but did you seek God's will? Did you ask God before making that decision? Sometimes they are casually talking and then they say oh yeah it was a difficult decision to make about whether to move cities but we asked God and he told us to. Now if you are like me you would scrunch up your face in confusion. Wait. You mean God said that to you? He literally said, lagbaja I think you should move from Lagos to Ibadan or from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh? Huh. And you know what, no one ever really says HOW God told them. Because of this, the rest of us are left wondering what it's like for God to whisper in your ears, "tamedu I want you to marry olori nla".  And yes so many Christians are obsessed with knowing what God's will is. This hear the voice of and specific plan of God has paralyzed so many into inaction. That's where this plan came in.

Please, [and this should go without saying] I don't mean to say God doesn't speak to us. I mean, Abraham was described as the Friend of God, and God would sometimes go decades without saying a word to him. I believe God speaks to people, but I think most of what he needs to tell us, he already said [in his word]. I think God has equipped us with brilliant minds and the gift of choices. I think God gave us trees; he doesn't need to come down and turn those into wood or chairs and tables for us. I also think to know someone is to know their heart, is to know their desires. But I disagree that God told you what dress to wear to church. Nah uh. I just can't bring myself to believing that. And I am not sorry about that.

Okay Ife, but what about more important things like, should I marry him? Where will I work? Where will I live?

I'll share some of  what I learnt from the aforementioned YouVersion plan. Of course, God cares about our future. But more than those silly minutiae, he cares that we have an amazing relationship with Him, our father. Should you marry him? If you want to, go ahead. The truth though, AND YOU KNOW THIS, is that God has described [endlessly] in the bible what true and noble character is. He has prescribed foundations for a good relationship. But we willfully ignore it because we want to have our way and then somehow manipulate God. There are tons of options for a job, or spouse, or whatever else. But ask yourself if they align with God's desire [as written in his word] before complaining about not hearing from him. There are obviously good choices that are bad for you, don't get me wrong. But see this quote from that plan,

"God envisions a day when what matters most to you is unrelated to the trappings of life...but instead relates to Him! God's will for you is a vertical relationship where those things become less and less important as you are caught up into the depth and glowing height of knowing and loving the Lord."

More than anything, God longs for us to seek him. Jeremiah 29:11, blessed as it may be NEVER said anything about a blueprint for life. God has a sovereign will and detailed guidelines in the bible. Quite frankly, the more time you spend with God, the more second-nature these things become. And this works for everything. I recently asked a teacher of mine how to get better acquainted with a software, such that it becomes second nature. You know what he said?  Just spend more time with it. Time.

Does it not give you some relief to know that you don't have to be up all night figuring out some great cosmic plan especially detailed for you?

This is now too long and there is still so much to say, so I will come back (hopefully) with a second part.

Love, and some peace of mind,


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