Friday Reflections

1.) You DO NOT have to monetize your hobbies or turn them into side hustles. Sometimes hobbies should be left as that: hobbies.

2.) The secret to cultivating adult friendships. MANY millennials I know all complain about how one of the many traps of adulthood is the increasing difficulty in making friends as we get older. It's very true but as the post in this link shows, there is an easy way to solving this problem.

3.) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. An enigma. The woman at the center of the latest Right wing and Republican obsession. Buhahaha. Still, she doesn't consider herself a superhero or a villain; she's just a person trying.

4.) Stop picking up random African children and posting them on Instagram. I'm looking at you, Ellen. The world needs fewer  white saviors.

5.) Read about Olivia Jade, one of the teenagers at the heart of the college bribing scandal, and tell me that does not make you want to puke. Man, rich people are something. Whew.

6.) And make no mistake, I was not in the least bit surprised about all of it. Nope.

7.) Like I said on Twitter, the worst part of this nonsense is that POC have to literally work twice as hard (this is NOT a metaphor, for real, for real we do) to prove we didn't get in because of the color of our skin; to show that we earned our spots, and they STILL express disbelief at our excellence.

8.) For all my fit fam, here are seven portion-size mistakes you are probably making. I'm so into eating healthy and exercise that I feel like I should talk more about it on this blog but somehow I don't. I will try to henceforth.

9.) What women mean when they say, "men are trash" or "men are scum".

10.) Happy birthday to my daddy!!! I can say that most of my love for book, reading, writing, learning, curiosity, and social justice comes from my dad. And I am incredibly proud to call him my father.

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