Friday Reflections

1.) First of all, go read the last post and let me know what you think!

2.) Okay welcome back. What's up with me not posting much of these anymore??

3.) A question came to mind recently. If you could never get on any form of social media again, would you be fine? Okay forget forever, if you were banned from every social media platform for a month, how would you fare? There is no psychological or motivational aspect to this. I'm just asking. It's not that deep lol

4.) This interview of Fran Lebowitz is the best thing on the Internet this week, I promise.  Nothing better out there LOL. She is so quirky and in the best possible way.

5.) Modern Family, one of my favorite shows ended this week. The episode itself (the finale) was not so remarkable, but there is something about endings. I don't like endings, generally. These behind the scenes photos from their set will make you emotional.

6.) Have you filled out your Census online? Census are much more than just knowing how many people exist affects literally everything. In the most simple form, it is a big predictor of how resources are allocated. So please be counted, if you are in America of course.

7.) I've been learning about faith a lot more recently. Faith is very profound, but it's complicated and it's hard, and it's also simple. I will say though that even when you can't have faith, have a little hope.

8.) I don't know when or even how COVID-19 will end. I just know that it will.

9.) Meanwhile, please and please, follow all guidelines. Please, social distancing is not some world holiday. It was instituted for a purpose. Just stay at home.

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