Friday Reflections

 1.) Kizzmekia Corbett is just getting started. If you're tired of me talking about this woman, sorry to you.

2.) Chimamanda Adichie demonstrates the tyranny of priests and other so-called men of God, as she describes how her family's priest bullied them, harassed her,  and disrespected the memory of her mother. 

3.) How to date successfully.

4.) Investors bought a record share of homes in 2021 and of course, neighborhoods where a majority of residents are Black were heavily targeted. The implication of this is felt by tenants. Not to mention, investors buy properties that might otherwise be the first home purchases for families that want to accrue wealth they can pass down to their children and grandchildren.

5.) It's your friends who break your heart: a powerful essay on friendship. 

6.) The blatant racism and microaggressions that caused this doctor to leave his residency program. 

7.) This James Baldwin's letter to his nephew remains as powerful as it was in 1962 when it was first written. 

8.) What is happening in Ukraine is tragic and unfortunate in more ways than words can describe. I can't even begin to imagine.

9.) So here 's what I want to say about that. I am begging you, if you need factual information on what's happening in Russia and Ukraine, do NOT get it from Instagram Stories or frankly, any social media. Some of the takes have been appalling at best and just outright dangerous at worst.

10.) Why can't people admit when they don't know stuff? Why are people so hellbent on saying a lot of nonsense? Just go on posting your shoes and bags and all the other nonsense people post online. No need to prove to anyone you're an intellectual. 

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