Planning a Trip to Cancún? An Unforgettable Vacation Experience in Cancún, Mexico

Long long ago, I went on a vacation…I’m just kidding, mostly. It was just September last year but it feels like a distant past now. I’m not sure why it never actually got shared on this blog, but here we are now. Do we still share stuff like on this on our blogs? Or is that very 2008 now? Who cares? What matters is I have decided to bring some sunshine your way this gloomy, long January. As I type this (on Saturday, January 29),  a major winter storm is happening across the States and it's been snowing so much here since yesterday that we are now blanketed in snow. What better time to reminisce about the sun, and the sands, and cold drinks, and delicious foods than now?

Needless to say, this is quite a picture heavy post. I will try to provide as much information as I remember, knowing that this has happened so long ago and events have since taken over.

Getting there. 

We landed in Cancun’s airport, of course and made our way to the resort. We used Delta vacations which packages everything (transportation, hotel stay, flight ticket, even COVID-19 tests) into an all-inclusive vacation for you. This was especially ideal because it meant we didn't have to worry about stuff like getting to the resort from the airport. I'm very lazy when it comes to things like that and also a little paranoid, so this was the perfect plan for me. I also don't think it made the vacation any more expensive than it would have been. And by the way, I wasn't sponsored or paid to say this (I wish!) and please know that I have way more integrity in me to that deceptive. 

Cancun is built for tourists and this is apparent even as you make your way from the airport to your destination.

And then we got to the resort, which was...well, breathtakingly beautiful. 

The view from the balcony of our room

Here it is without my hands.

I mean look at that sea. We took a quick tour of our room and it was gorgeous, clean, and just a place you wanted to spend the rest of your life. 

As soon as we settled down, we headed out for appetizers at some spot and I no longer remember the name of the place. And then we later had dinner at an Italian restaurant that could be better, but for an Italian restaurant in Mexico, it was alright.   

The next day was for breakfast (someone HAD to have breakfast, side eye to her), massages, and then lounging by the pool, and then we went to the beach, and then dinner at a Thai restaurant. Now, this Thai restaurant had really GREAT food even though it took forever to actually get the food. Almost all the restaurants we went had live music, so if that's your thing, you would love it.

I don't think this book ever made it to book of the month, but goodness, what a great book!

There were a LOT of mojitos on this trip. So here's to all that mojito!

On the third day, we were more adventurous and ventured out to Isla Mujeres. We got there by a boat/yacht type vessel and when I say that journey across the sea from Cancun to Isla Mujeres was in fact the most fun we had on this trip, I AM NOT kidding. That party [with a bunch of strangers too] was a VIBE. Food, drinks, music, dancing, games.  

At Isla Mujeres, first, we headed to the beach and spent hours just lounging, sleeping, reading, and more dancing. 

Then we headed out of the beach to go see the place and of course, eat some food.

It's been so long that I have some pictures of food, but have no idea where we ate them so I will just put them below. I have to say it really sucks because part of me posting this is documenting it for me as well; to remember this time in my life. Next time, I will be very diligent in either writing a post earlier or recording things better.

We went back to Cancun, did some "touristy" stuff (and I use that very loosely cos I mean really, how much touristy stuff can be done there?), did some shopping and headed back to just enjoy that beautiful sea. I could have spent the entire holiday just staring at that endless turquoise sea, and by God I still would have been fine, and rested, and rejuvenated. I will never get over that view from our hotel. NEVER.

One thing I need to learn (and I say this all the time) is how to take better pictures. I have been blogging for nine years (!) now and have literally no excuse. So I will keep this in mind. I do want to bring y'all better "content" after all? Plus while I was on this trip, someone threw shade at me [she didn't mention my name but] she said something about how people think providing content is all about just taking pictures of blue seas or something like that. It's very entitled and a little silly. Because it was my personal Instagram and I was just sharing stuff from my life. This ardent need to consume other people's life and to see everything as "content" is a little worrisome. And that's reason 1284233 why social media is worrisome. Why can't we just share stuff with our little communities without having to worry about "curating" for an "audience"? Meh. 

Another thing I wanted to talk about (yeah, you had to have known I couldn't just put up pictures and go): I recently stumbled on an important conversation about taking vacations to these places where even locals can't afford, and how it contributes to...well, how poorly it looks. And it's important to think about this. It's also important to think about the implications of that for whether people take vacations at all, which is not possible nor is it even advisable. So do you only visit Europe? Or do you only travel across America or across your own country? As with most important issues, this one has no clear cut answer. I have to say, when I think of people who come [from outside America] to vacation in $5,000/night hotels in Manhattan or who go to Napa every year and other such luxuries I definitely can't afford, even as an American, eh I feel a little better about myself. And don't even get me started as a Nigerian. This is not a good way to end this, but alas, it is what we must do.

I have other stuff to share and talk about in terms of vacation and having a good time because this blog isn't only about talking heavy themes. Okay? Okay? Okay!

Love, and some R and R



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